Lopez walked off after a while. He was still being stubborn but he was slowly accepting Life.

Drake sighed then suddenly there was weight on his back. Arms cling round his shoulders and legs wrapped round his waist. "I'm a bit happier now" Life whispers in his ear.

"About what?" Drake asks looking back her and moving his arms behind his back to hold her beneath the bum.

"That Falcon's being protected by my sis. That we will make it in time to the Heal Cave. And that your son might be coming to an at least welcoming relationship towards me" Life says speaking into his neck.

"Hmm, good things to be happy about" Drake mumurs.

"Yes they are" Life says kissing his cheek. Drake turns his head quickly though and catches her lips. He spins round quickly her falling off his back but him catching her in his arms so he can kiss her properly on the lips.

Life pulls back gasping and shocked. "Did you just...." Life puts a hand to her lips her eyes wide. Drake smiles.

"You liked it right" He says nicely. Life's face breaks out in a smile and she pulls reaches up in Drakes arms to kiss him on the lips once again.

The other's were oblivious to the exchange.

The End

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