Non-Compliant MagicMature

Falcon was finding dealing with his magic a little less than easy. It wasn't that he couldn't use it ... it was that it didn't seem to want to comply with him in the first place.

"Come on you wretched stuff," he mutters, "Work, damn you!"

The magic however, didn't come. Falcon could feel it, just beginning to build up in the back of his mind, very small now, but growing slowly. And it was damned stubborn stuff, no matter how much he pulled and wrenched at it, it blatantly refused to do anything. He groans and turns to Life:

"This isn't working. Maybe there's just not enough of it yet... or I'm incompetent."

Life shakes her head: "No, I just don't think you're doing it right. You're trying to make it do stuff, rather than let it work with you."

Falcon looks confused, but decides anything is worth a try. Okay, he thinks, how about making that rock fly? He focusses on the rock, his marked hand raised slightly. He keeps all this thoughts on the rock, trying to block everything else out. He stays this way for several minutes. Nothing.

"Oh stuff it," he snaps, shaking his hand vigorously. Suddenly a bolt of black energy shoots out and slams into the rock, sending it flying into the air and out of sight. Life and Peg jump and Falcon looks at his hand in surprise:

"Right... so we know it works then."

Life nods slowly. "Uh huh... just don't do that again please. I think this is gonna be harder than we thought..."

The End

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