Power struggleMature

Drake had to stay away from Falcon now. About a metre just for safety as Life put it. Peg was keeping Falcon company skipping and chatting happily occasionally letting Falcon speak.

Of what Drake could hear she was asking about Falcon's children.... mainly Falcon's son Alaric.

Alaric was a bit different to Rosemery who was the quiet but adventurous one. Alaric was reserved and already had learnt from Dane to learn how to use a sword. He also went to Drake requesting training as well in magic.

He only went to Drake cause Life refused but Drake agreed to teach him some meditation to control his power but nothing more. Alaric had been happy about that.

He seemed focussed on growing strong to protect his sister who just played around with nature magic.

Drake sighs. "I hate this" He mutters. Life looks up at him. "Why's Eternal doing that to Falcon?"

"To make sure he can protect himself" Life says. "Thinking about it I might have to teach him how to control a bit of it to protect himself"

"Go on then" Drake says. Life looks up at him and he nods. She turns and runs over to Falcon and Peg.

This give chance for Lopez to come over. "Why did you do it Father?" Lopez asks glaring up at Drake.

"Cause after a while I knew why your mother gave me her essense.... she WANTED me to love again" Drakes says looking down at his son sadly. Lopez looks away across at Life.

"But why her?" Lopez snaps.

"Cause she makes me feel young.... she reminds me of all the reasons I fell in love with your mother yet gives me happiness in a different way" Drake explains. Life looks back then and at seeing Drake with Lopez she waves smiling happily and content.

The End

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