Magic is Out to Get MeMature

Great. More magic that threatens to kill me. Oh do the joys of my life never end.

Falcon groans and looks down at his arm, flexing his fingers experimentally. The silver spirals around the mark seem to shift as he moves; it would almost be beautiful if it weren't apparently so deadly.

"It seems to me that every sort of magic I ever meet is out to kill me." he says. "Remember that time in the tunnels? With the shadow things?"

Life nods and smirks: "Magic seems to have a thing with you." she says.

"Well, just as long as we keep you out of the way of any poweful magic you ought to be alright. Which could be easier said than done here ... oh damn!" Drake slaps his forehead. Life and Falcon look at him in alarm.

"The Stone! The bloody Stone, how did I forget that?" the dragon groans. "The thing's a hotbed of magic. Falcon, whatever you do, stay well away from the damned thing. Oh blast, I should have thought of that sooner!"

Brilliant. Now the effing rock is out to get me too. The wretched thing's given all of us nothing but trouble ... what I wouldn't give for a pickaxe right now.

"Okay, so stay away from magic and the freaky rock, anything else I should know?" Falcon says sarcastically.

"Erm... no, I think that's it." says Life.

"Great. Just great."

The End

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