Back on TrackMature

Drake walks calmly his head down, his mind in thought. "Drake" Life whispers looking up at him. He look across at her and smiles faintly before kissing her forehead.

She excepts the small comfort but still feels worried about him as he goes back to his thinking. Peg leads the group chatting and dancing away. Lopez watches her from the left where he's been walking all morning. Away from the group of corse. Away from his father, Drake.

Life is starting to feel worse. She knows its her fault he's so upset even though Drake and Peg have told her its not. But she knows it is. Its because she's become the phoenix. She has his mothers creature that Drake has carried for so long inside of her.

Falcon moans and grips his hand where the mark is once again. "Its getting worse" He curses. Everyone besides Lopez looks at him sympathetically.

"It will get better.... Eternal wouldn't purposely hurt you" Life says walking over. She takes his hand in hers and gasps. The mark is now several swirls covering his hand and begining down his arm.

"I've seen this before" Life whispers. She pulls her hands away and claps them together. As she pulls them apart a book appears. "Glad to see I can still do cheap tricks"

"Well, Only master shifters or ex-magicians can do that" Drake says putting an arm round Life's waist and looking at the book as she opens it. "What is this?"

"Here" Life says spinning it round so Falcon can see it. "Eternal did it once before"  Falcon then begins to read outloud:

"The Eternal once touched a guard before her stone was made. She gave him a gift through the soul that can also be a curse. The power to control nearly as much as she can without losing their grip. She can only give this when she's partly untouchable. But the curse of this gift is that until the power is built any magic can kill this person"

The End

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