At the FiresideMature

Falcon sneezes as the smoke from the fire blows into his face again. Rubbing his eyes, he shifts his position for about the hundredth time, trying to keep out of the smoke's way. It seems wherever he sits it seems to follow him. Either that or someone's playing a very elaborate joke designed to drive him mad.

He looks up as Peg trots over, nodding slightly in her direciton.

"How's your brother?" he asks. Peg snorts,

"Being stubborn as usual. He'll come around eventually. You tried to talk to him didn't you? The other night?"

Falcon nods, "I'm surprised I still have all my limbs intact as a result of that." Peg laughs, a surprisingly pleasant sound. It almost reminds Falcon of Eternal's laugh - not that she'd laughed often in these past months.

"You miss her don't you? This Eternal." says Peg. Falcon nods,

"I miss my children too, and my friends. I can't tell who I miss the most right now."

"You have kids!" Peg's eyes widen. "Wow! Are they immortal too?"

"Yep. And they're practically inseparable - they have been since birth."

"Aww, sweet." Peg smiles, then a shadow crosses her face. "Lopez and I used to be like that, but then we were taken to the camps and..." she trails off. Falcon decides to change the subject:

"So, how far to this Heal Cave? You said we were on the right track at this lake, where next?"

"Another couple of days I think, provided nothing else happens." Peg scratches her chin. Falcon laughs,

"Don't say that, that just guarantees something else is going to go wrong!"

Peg snorts and Falcon has to smother hysterics at the look on her face. Strange how shifters can seem so ... human. Drake may look like a human but there's something about him that sets him apart from the others - even among the various characters of their little renegade group. Lopez hardly ever shifts out of his wolf form and the sheer anger with which he seems to look on everything also marks him out. Peg though seems to much more relaxed. More at peace with herself.

"Here come Drake and Life," says Falcon, spotting their two friends beginning to come back from the lakeside. "I think we'd best get some rest. I'll take first watch."

Peg nods as Falcon gets up from the fireside and moves a short way off, staring out into the darkness. Lopez's dark form is just visible in the gloom and Falcon swears he can feel the wolf-boy's eyes watching him in the dark. Half in accusation, half in sadness.

The End

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