Crystal LakeMature

Drake walks quickly over to were Life is sitting slightly hovering off the ground. Her eyes are closed and there seems to be a light power aura round her body,

"What you doing?" Drake asks sitting down in front of her. Her eyes remain closed but Drake feels as if she's watching him.

"You don't want to know" Life mutter quietly.

"Yes, I do" Drake says leaning forward. Life's eyes flicker open and she breath is a sharp shocked breath at the closeness of Drake.

"I was talking to the phoenix" Life mutters. Drake raises an eyebrow. "There is an alternative character in the phoenix. A different thought pattern.... it feels strange"

"Its animal instincts you'll learn to intigrate it with yours soon and control it" Drake says putting a hand on Life's cheek. "Many shifters can fall to there animal side but I believe in you"

From off far Lopez watches this with spite. Peg is behind him practicing backflips. "Stop moaning about it" She says turning to look across at Life and Drake herself. "Father's happy again is that a bad thing"

"Yes, He gave mothers essense to someone without our consent" Lopez snaps. Peg shakes her head.

"Mother gave if to Father. It was his choice who he gave it too" Peg then turns away and walks back to the camp fire where Falcon is sitting leaving Lopez alone.

The End

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