Drake transforms as does Peg and Life. Life in her phoenix form is about half the size of Drake so is about ten feet length from head to tail.

Falcon jumps onto Drake's dragon back and Lopez stradles Peg. She neighs slightly annoyed when he grabs her mane.

"Fly!" Falcon yells and Drake does taking off into the air quickly. Peg and Life follow, Life catching up quickly being much faster then all of them. She flys round Drakes head and sings nicely before slightly hugging up against him.

Lopez growls from the left where he sits upon the pegasus. Peg bucks slightly and neighs silencing Lopez.

Drake turns to look at him and bares his sharp dragon teeth. Lopez shifts uncomfortable. He's only mad cause that's how his mother used to fly with them.

Life then spots a lake and dives down everyone following. She shifts close to the ground and lands on her feet lightly. Drake and Peg land in their forms waiting for Falcon and Lopez to get off before shifting.

"We're back on track" Peg gasps. "This is crystal lake"

The End

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