Why Run when you can Fly?Mature

I never thought I'd see the day I'd be running from a horde of reptiles, thinks Falcon as he races alongside the others. The lizards are not far behind them, but they're managing to keep out of reach.

"Can't we set fire to them or something?" Falcon calls. "They must be flammable, right?"

"Nope, they're the Devil's things and they're damned hard to kill. Just keep running!" Drake calls back.

And keep running they do, but the lizards are relentless in their pursuit and do not stop no matter how far they run. Falcon begins to run out of breath, his muscles aching and face reddening. He tries to keep up with Lopez's long lopes, but his energy is running low. Suddenly an idea occurs to him:

"Drake, Peg, can you fly us out of here?" he calls.

"I don't know if we can carry everyone," Drake looks apprehensive.

"I can fly!" squeaks Life, already beginning to transform. Drake nods at her and begins to change himself, still running as they go. Falcon does his best to keep up, panting hard.

Please tell me these lizards can't fly.

The End

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