Dark PoisonMature

"Give it me" Life takes Falcon's hands in her's and presses two fingers to the cut. It heals instantly but Life yelps jumping back. She has a minor burn on her two fingers which slowly heal over.

"What was that?" Drake ask putting an arm round her.

"I don't know but it was very dark power its why Falcon didn't heal" Life says scanning the area with her eyes.

"It's probably one of the devil's lizard spawn. He knew they were powerful but found them useless so tossed them into the desert" Peg says also scanning the area.

"Peg!" Everyone turns to Lopez's shout. He stand still and frightened about 30 little lizards running round him.

"Don't move!" Peg shouts. She makes only her wings come out and jumps up. She flys over to Lopez and takes him out of the circle a few of the lizards snapping.

"What are we going to do?" Peg asks as she lands with Lopez. "They will come over any secound.... quietly of corse"

"I have no idea"  Drake says shaking his head.

"How about running?" Falcon surgests. Everyone looks at each other then turns and takes off the lizards scampering after them but not that fast in their swarm.

The End

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