Once Bitten...Mature

By the time Falcon, Drake and Life woke in the morning, both Peg and Lopez had returned, although the wolf-boy was still keeping his distance. Falcon had tried to get him to talk, but all he'd recieved were a few snarls and a death glare. That and he'd almost had a few of his fingers removed when he'd asked what had happened to Lopez's mother.

Still, the wolf continues to lope along behind them as they continue through the desert landscape. Falcon mutters under his breath as they go, his feet already getting sore again. His hand too is behaving strangely, tingling oddly at infrequent moments. What's more, the mark in the centre is growing more and more prominent by the day, as if someone were drawing over it to make the outline stronger. The black around the edges it beginning to spread as well, worming its way along his fingers now, making it look like he's wearing a very strange-looking glove.

However, as the group stop in the late afternoon, something catches Falcon's attention in the sand. A small flicker of movement, just out of the corner of his eye, rather like the hallucinations he kept seeing on the plains. Falcon turns and watches the spot. Yes, there it is again, a tiny flicker on the ground, like the rustling of some small animal. Falcon moves onto all fours and creeps closer, trying to see what it is. The flickering continues and when he's almost upon it, Falcon lowers himself down onto his hanches and watches the spot carefully.

Suddenly a yowl echoes through the air. Drake and Life look up in alarm as Falcon comes racing back over the sand.

"Damn it!" he howls, shaking his hand vigorously. "Damn, damn, damn!"

"What's wrong?" Life asks, eyeing Falcon cautiously.

"Bloody thing bit me!" Falcon snarls, showing Life a set of small bite marks in his forearm. "Little lizard-type thing... and it had bloody sharp teeth too!"

Life peers at the bite, "That's odd." she says.

"What?" Falcon asks, peering at the bite himself. Then he realises. "Oh."

Falcon remembers the sword wound in his chest on the "training ground". It healed over within moments - leaving nothing bit a faint throbbing for a few moments. But there's something strange about this bite.

It's not healing.

The End

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