Drake watches Falcon go over to Lopez and sighs. "Don't worry father. He will eventually except the fact that you have to move on and it wont be just the four of but the five of us with mum watching over us" Peg says.

She smiles at Life and its a friendly one. One full of warmt and exceptance. But Life isn't awake to see it.

After all the stress of the day as soon as she lay down in Drake's lap she fell asleep. The bounding prosess of the Phoenix was also growing stronger. Her dark power was transforming to the firey life energy of the phoenix.

"I know he will eventually..... but I don't want him to give up on there being a future family for us either" Drake says as he looks down at Life.

Peg can see the tenderness the love he feels for her. Its so clear. "He'll come round like I said. I've been with him longer father. I can tell when he knows he's acting stubborn" Peg gives a smile then gets up and stretches her legs. "I'm going to scout"

With that she transforms and takes off into the sky in her pegasus form. Drake watches her and then looks over at Lopez who is also rising.

Falcon's still speaking. Lopez turns and snaps at him then takes off transforming as he goes following his sister's figure in the sky also scouting.

Falcon gets up and moves over. He pats Drake on the shoulder smiling sympathetically. "I tried" He says simply then sits down and rests back him self easily falling off to sleep.

The End

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