Breaking the IceMature

Falcon follows on behind the shapeshifters, musing to himself as they walk. He hadn't expected the plan to work that well - after all, they'd been trying to outwit the Devil himself after all. Perhaps he hadn't been expecting them to make a move so suddenly? Well, whatever it was, Falcon wasn't complaining. They were out and on their way again, which was all he could ask for at this stage.

However, something kept niggling at him. The wolf-child, Lopez, he seemed so averse to Life being with Drake. Peg seemed to be almost happy about it, but the boy... it was as if he was trying to hang onto something in the hope that it would change things. True the thought of his father with another woman must be disconcerting - however he lost his mother must have been painful - but why so distant?

I'll talk to him, Falcon decides, I'll see if I can get any sense out of him. Maybe he'll talk to someone who doesn't have much involvement on the matter. Or maybe he'll just try to rip me to shreds for asking.

Keeping his plan in mind, Falcon waits until the group have made camp later that night. As the other three talk around the fire, he moves over to where Lopez is lying, still in his wolf form. He sits down a short distance away and scratches the back of his neck. The wolf watches him expectantly. Falcon looks over at him and smiles slightly:

"Hey Lopez." he says. "You alright?"

The End

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