The plan went well. The fight was massive bigger than planned. But with slight delay the group got away. Only to find that when they got out no one knew where they were.

"We've never been out before" Peg says becoming scitterish at almost every movement.

"I've been out a bit only to eat though" Lopez says. He flicks a look at Life who squels and hide next to Drake.

"Son stop it" Drake snaps baring his teeth. Lopez bares his teeth back but weilds. Weather he likes it or not Drake's the alpha shifter.

"Except her Lopez. Dad loves her" Peg says standing sternly in front of him. Lopez looks at Life.

"Never" he growls then stawks off ahead.

"I'm sorry" Drake whispers trailing a hand through Life's hairs. Life cuddles into it hiding her tears.

"Me too. Lopez is just being stubborn cause he's upset" Peg says taking Life's hands in hers. "He will learn to except you"

Life nods then they continue on across the desert landscape. With occasional stops and Lopez staying with but away from the group.

The End

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