A Risk Worth RunningMature

The group look at Falcon expectantly. He moves closer to them, feigning and injury to keep attention away from what he's saying.

"You're free to fly here aren't you?" he hisses to Peg. She nods,

"To a certain extent, but I can't carry all of you and-"

"You won't have to. Listen, it's simple. All you have to do is distract the guards on the towers long enough for Drake to fly us out of here. Once we're clear you can get the other prisoners to start making a ruckus and then fly out after us."

Drake chews his lip: "That's a very flimsy plan Falcon. And won't they expect something like that?"

"I haven't finished yet," says Falcon. "I can help you cause a distraction, we can pretend to be fighting or arguing, I can get my sword out - that'll start them looking. Then we just have to persuade the other prisoners to start a brawl over the matter and we slip away in the chaos. Simple."

"That's a little better. But it's still really risky, to all of us. If it goes wrong..."

"But isn't it a risk worth running? Look Drake, if we don't get rid of this Stone then the whole world's going to come crashing down around us. Besides, it's all I can think of that will get us out within the next millenium or two." Falcon straightens up and looks at the others.

"So, are you with me?"

The End

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