Feeling AwkwardMature

Dusting himself off, keeping his feet planted firmly in the ground as he did so just in case anything else tried to take him out, Falcon looked at the two youngsters talking to Drake. I never knew he had kids, he thought, he's certainly never mentioned them... strange.

Feeling awkward, Falcon stays where he is and watches the exchange. Life seems a little awkward around the other two, particularly as their gaze keeps slipping to the pendant around her neck. The wolf-boy doesn't appear particularly enthused, but the girl seems positively bouyant. Feeling like an obsolete piece of furniture, Falcon continues to shift on the spot, gaze flickering nervously about.

"... and then he dumped us in the carriage and dragged us here." says Drake. The two youngsters nod at one another, as if sharing some mutual understanding.

The wolf-boy jerks his head at Falcon: "Is he with you?"

Drake nods, "That's Falcon. Anyway, what are you doing in here of all places? Why is he using you for training... how dare he use you for training." the dragon-man's hands curled into fists.

"It was the only way we could avoid being deported to the fighting." explained the girl - Peg, Falcon presumed - "Otherwise we'd be out on the front line against Blaze already. Any news of what's going on out there?"

"No more than you have, but we're running out of time already. We need to get to this Heal Cave thing fast. Drake," Falcon says turning to him. "I heard her voice last night. Something's trying to make her speed up the change, we've got to get out of here fast. And... I think I have a plan."

The End

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