Drake jumps avoiding whatever it is attacking them. "Life... try and change" Drake instructs.

Life nods then closes her eyes. She consentrates then the phoenix cry rings out. Drake watches with inner joy as the colourful bird flys in the air. "Life see it"

The Phoenix's nods then looks round. Her eyes pin point on one point and the phoenix cries out.

Drake turns then tackles hitting into the invisible creature which becomes visable as hit. Its a young lad..... a wolf. "Lopez" Drake whispers.

The Wolves eyes open. Drake stands up and moves back. "Father" the wolf speaks. Then it shifts to fully human. "What are you doing here.... why did you give mum's amulet to her?"

The wolf boy glares at Life who has shifted back and moves across the space to Drake looking scared. "Don't judge me Lopez. I've spent years without you mother" Drake says.

Lopez narrows his eyes. "So you picked someone else up?" He growls.

"Where's Peg?" Drake asks. Lopez glares at Life then looks to the sky. He puts his finger to his mouth and whistles. A pegasus bursts from the clouds then lands on the ground.

The girl shifts. "Father" the girl whispers then runs across the space throwing herself into Drakes arms. She hugs him tightly then jumps down looking at Life.

She examines her then smiles. "Its glad to see my father found someone" She says then looks back at Drake. "What are you doing here?"

The End

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