The Next ChallengeMature

"Snakey boy's back to taunt us again then is he?" snarls Falcon, glaring at the spot where the Devil has just been standing. Injured though he is, he's in a foul mood and ready to carve some more heads at any moment.

"You underestimate him." replies Drake, snarling himself. "That creature's evil knows no bounds."

"I think we worked that out already." says Life. "Now what do we do?"

"I think we finished off these smokey things... what else can he throw at us?" Falcon glances around, half expecting some other horror to leap out of the flames that still encircle the square.

Drake and Life peer around as well, but all they see is the last of their supernatural fellows finishing off the last of the flame-things. There are many dead, but most appear to still be standing. Falcon makes to sheath his sword, but suddenly something slams into his chest with enough force to send him sprawling. Gasping, he scrambles to his feet, only to have the same invisible force knock him over, from behind this time.

"What the hell is this?" he yowls, ducking as he feels the thing whizz over his head again.

"Our next challenge I think." says Drake, just as something smashes into his calf. Falcon grimaces and tries to stay on his feet as the invisible thing attacks him again.

This looks like it's going to be chaotic.... oh what fun.

The End

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