The PhoenixMature

Life shifts dodging a blow then shifts back to blast another to pieces. "You really have the hang of this" Drake says smiling across at her. She turns her head and smiles back.

"Of corse I am" With those words she kicks out at one last fire man killing it. Then she transports over hugging up to Drake side. "And I will finally grow slightly older"

Drake laughs but hugs her back. Then they hear clapping they both turn quickly to face the noise. Life squeeks and hides behind Drake, the Phoenix not being as powerful or brave as the dragon.

"That was magnificent" The devil says his cloaked clan shadowing his every step as he makes his way over to stand a metre in front of Drake. "You are a fine fighter as is your... partner. And I should involve him"

The Devil nods over Drake's shoulder causing him to look back. He see's Falcon walking over tierd several cuts healing as he walks. Life pulls away and runs over, the Phoenix being the bird of Fire and Life.

Its perfect for her. Drake turns back to the Devil. "Are you done tormenting us?" He snaps. The Devil laughs.

"Not quite yet. Your friends still haven't worked iit out for themselves and you know all about my games" The Devil says with a flash of a  smile.

And Drake does no about his games. You can only get out if you work it out and ones who do cant tell the others. "Let us go" Drake growls.

The Devil smiles. "No" Then with an enfolding smoke he disapears.

The End

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