Taking The Fight to ThemMature

Falcon watches Life's transformation wide-eyed. Wow, he thinks, that's impressive. Okay, time for non-magic human to try and save his own skin... or at least, not get fried.

As one of the flame-creatures advances on him, Falcon whips out his sword and lunges at it. It sidesteps him, swiping for his ribs as it passes, and soon the two are chasing each other in and out of the other fighters. Many of the other captive creatures are already down, but those that fight are doing so with such ferocity it's almost scary. Or it would be scary, if he wasn't too focussed on not getting carved into very small pieces.

Drake and Life are already out of sight, but Falcon can still see the occasional flame-thing being blasted to smithereens from the corners of his vision. Dammit I could do with some of that, he thinks, trying to cut his own opponent's arm off before it can behead him. The mark on his hand blazes again, but to his disappointment nothing else happens.

If the blasted thing would just make itself useful I might be able to do something more productive! Damn, why is it always me?

Falcon's flaming opponent swipes for his ribs, the edge of the blade just raking the skin. Falcon gasps and steps back, just in time to avoid another attack. Now he's on the defensive, retreating as fast as he can to stay out of reach of the blade. He trips over one of the fallen corpses, rolling aside just as his enemy plunges its blade down into the earth at his side. Scrambling back to his feet, Falcon tries to counter another blow but before he knows it the flame man's sword is embedded in his ribcage. He shrieks in pain, but doesn't feel anything more than the pain bolting from his hand. The flame-thing tries to pull it's sword loose.  Falcon grunts as the sword jerks in his chest, confused as to why he isn't dead. Then he remembers.

I'm immortal. Of course...

Laughing, he steps back, the sword coming loose as the flame-thing tugs at it again. Then he renews his attack, fearless again. These things can't kill him, in fact as far as he knows nothing can. The stab wound hurts, but he's far from dead.

This just got a whole lot more interesting. Thank you Eternal.

Now let's see if this thing can do the same...

The End

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