Drake guards Life angrily. This ain't going to be good. "I can fight Drake" Life says lighting a black flame in her hand. Drake smiles at that.

He lights flames in his own hands. Most of the groups have scattered. Drake takes one of Life's hands in his and pulls her behind him as he runs off. He only just notices Falcon following them.

They duck behind a stack of boxes and Drake pulls Life close to him shadowing them with his wings... and also Falcon slightly.

"What we going to do?" Falcon whispers. Drake looks at Life and strokes a hand through her hair a small sign of affection.

"We'll fight of corse" Life says certain. She tries to stand up but Drake holds her down.

"Not so fast.... Here" He pulls the medallion from out beneath his shirt and pulls it off his neck. "Take it.... use it"

Everything seems to freeze. "Are you sure?" Life whispers tightening her grip on the medallion and Drake's hand. He nods.

"Become the Phoenix" Drake whispers. "Power of the skys and your darkness will be gone"

Life eyes widen then she looks at Falcon who seems as shocked. "I will do it" Life puts a hand to Drake's cheek. "For you"

She pricks her finger and presses the cut to the meddallion and it turns to sparkles travelling into her blood stream.

The End

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