In the TowerMature

Eternal dodges a flame of fire that attacks her from Shadow's hand. He laughs when she hardly even touches the floor.

She hates the fact. It just proves that more of her humanity is fading. Soon she wont be touchable. And she knows Falcon isn't doing well. She feels it deep within her soul.

But she's also helping them..... she's now putting all her strength into fighting the stone. That's why Shadow is attacking her now. To get her to use her powers. To make her lose her grip for a split second so she lets the stone lose a big chunk.

"Stop it" Eternal shouts letting a tear excape her eye. Its pure Violet. "Leave me alone. What can Blaze accomplish from this?"

"Blaze thinks they can even though I know they can't..... I will use you to end this war. I will have you" Shadow says smiling evilly.

"But you can't touch m-...... You've got some of my essense.... My humanity. In blood form. And you have the right magic" Eternal whispers.

Oh god why didn't she remember. "That's right Eternal. Maybe your children will join us" Shadow says then leaves.

Eternal turns and looks out the window the sun just rising. "Hurry Falcon.... Hurry" And she feel like her voice echo's to him.

The End

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