Power strikeMature

"Of corse somethings up!" Ryan says. "The devil is helping Frost in the human world"

"What?!?" Life squeeks her grip on Drake tightening making his heart leap. He's not had that since..... well his wife.

"You can't be serious" Drake says wrapping his arms round Life which everyone notices. A sign of affection. Of wanting to protect this young one so precious to his heart.

"Well, we here are being trained to go fight for Frost" Ryan says. At this point he sits on one of the beds lined up against the wall.

"Seriously" Life whispers.

"Yep... so you better get use to it. Dennie feed. Everyone else sleep" Ryan instructed. A female shifter comes through the crowd and goes to the bed where Ryan is lying under the covers with him.

Drake notice's three girls and Falcons look of horror. "It doesn't hurt them.... just blood taking" Drake tells him. He moves off to a bed with Life one in the corner. "Do you want you own or... errr-"

Cutting him short Life hops onto the bed and shuffles under the covers slightly. But then she holds her arms open towards Drake expectingly. Drake smiles slightly then lies down with her.

"Nighty Night Drake" Life whispers and kisses his cheek quickly before snuggling down into his chest.

The End

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