Fellow InmatesMature

Uh oh. This isn't good.

Falcon watches the other inmates carefully, keeping his distance from them. Drake however steps forward confidently:

"We were taken off the road. We're trying to get to Heal Cave, a friend of ours needs help."

Ryan nods. "Well you won't be getting out of here in one piece. The last one who tried was torn apart before he was so much as out of the compound. Trust me, this place is a prison. The only way out is in a box."

Drake bites his lip, then changes tack: "What's been going on around here lately? Any movements of any sort?"

"None really, it's all been quiet. Too quiet if you ask me - nothing coming in for months. That us, until you three showed up just now."

No kidding.

Falcon steps up beside Drake, giving Ryan and his companions searching looks. They're all a good deal taller than him, and look a lot fiercer. He takes a firmer grip of his sword hilt, the cold steel giving slight relief to his nerves.

"We think something may be up." he says. "And it's gonna be big. Really big. And we need to get out, fast." He looks down at his hand, wincing as it throbs again.

"I don't think we have much time left."

The End

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