They were throw into a room Drake softening Life's landing. "Well, well, well.... New meat"

Drake jumps up hiding Life behind his wing at his side. Falcon gets up but more slowly holding his burning hand in pain. Drake looks at the other men in the grey building. They are all bulky...... All shape shifters except one.

"Hmm, what's that round your neck mate?" One says whose obiviously the leader and a.... oh you got to be kidding me, Drake thinks. The leader is a vampire..... well technically a soul and blood sucker. They feed on life energy in the blood and soul.

Drake then notices the phoenix medallion has fallen out and retucks it beneath his shirt. He glares at the Life eater which is the true term.

"You better keep your possesions close dude..... things are lost quickly here" The Life eater looks at Life and smiles.

"Don't even think about it" Life whispers allowing blackness to fill her eyes..... allowing her power to come through slightly stronger.

"Hmmm, you seem powerful. I'm Ryan"

"I'm Life and this is Drake" Life says hugging up to me. "Over there is Falcon" Falcon settles slightly.

"So why were you recruited?" Ryan asks.

The End

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