Huddled UpMature

When the cart stopped Life shufffled closer up to Drake. He brought his wings round them slightly but leaving enough space to see Falcon across from them. Then the cart begins to move again jerking everyone really hard in there seats.

It almost pulls Life from Drake but Life reaches out and pulls herself closer to Drake almost onto his lap.

Falcon watches Drake who has closed his eyes and leant his head on the top of Life's. He coughs and Drake opens his eyes to look at Falcon. "Why do you think we stopped?" Falcon asks.

"We know" Kaitlin sings flying through a crack in the cart to sit on Falcon's shoulder. "He picked up the Shadow toucher"

"We believe he's going to send it after The Eternal" Ed says landing on Falcons other shoulder.

"He can't" Life cries. "The stone would degrade more and badly"

Falcon seems shocked at those words almost heartbroken. Then the cart jerks and comes to a stop. The door is yanked open and the cloak men wait outside.

The devil can also be seen with a new guest. Drake rises up carrying Life enfolding his wings around her and enclosing his arms around her protectively.

"Welcome to the camp" the devil says.

The End

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