In the CartMature

Falcon lurks in the back of the cart, jaws clamped together and fuming like a volcano about to erupt. He's furious, and his hand is still throbbing like crazy. Drake and Life sit not far off, both looking just as worried as he is angry. He knows he ought to say something, but to open his mouth now would also let out the backlog of irate shrieks that seem to be building up there.

Brilliant, this is just blasted brilliant. Now not only are we going the wrong way, we're in the captivity of the most evil being in the universe who now intends to draft us into his own private army. And on top of that, I have the world's most enormous headache.

Falcon knuckles his temples, head pounding like a war drum. The cart continues to rattle and bounce along the road, flinging them about spitefully whenever it hits a bumpy cobble or a sharp turn. Falcon groans and leans against the side of the cart, already feeling horrifically sick. He wishes he was anywhere else but here right now; he wants to be back in his own world with his children in the safe company of his people. Then he remembers the news about Frost, and his stomach turns. If they don't run, they'll be killed. If they do, he may not be able to track them down. That is, if he ever gets the chance to.

I'm not going to let him recruit me, he thinks, I will not. No matter what this demon tries, Falcon is going to resist him with anything he could muster. He wasn't giving into his will, not now, not ever. Eternal needed him to get the Stone to the cave and that was what he was going to do. No matter what stood in his way.

Suddenly the cart jerks to a halt. The sudden motion makes the trio jump, then they all look at the door of the cart. Figures are moving around outside. Have they arrived? Falcon moves over to sit beside his companions, unmarked hand clenching the hilt of his sword.

"What are they up to?"

The End

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