Don't touch the devilMature

The Devil bursts out laughing and everyone is shocked. "I find your stubborness incredible" He says smiling. "That little thing at the moment will only sting... And you just made yourself more interesting"

Falcon steps back slightly shocked. He tries to step forward but Drake holds him back straightning up. He leans close to Falcon to whisper in his ear. "There's no point fight"

Drake pulls back and glares at the devil who just smile politely. "That right human. No matter that you are claimed by the Eternal. I will do what I please with you in this realm"

"The Eternal??" Falcon questions looking at Life.

"She's usually the exact opposite to The Devil. Good even with the chance of dark magic" Life says shrugging. "Sis is beyond most people's eyes"

"She's your sister?" The devil says suddenly. Life nods slowly and the devil smiles. He turns to one of his men. "Chain them and bring them into the cart"

"No" Drake growls. He moves to enclose life in his arms and wings. He hears the Devil laugh.

"Then board willingly and you will remain unbound.... but you will be bound to the carriage" The devil says.

Drake pulls back his wings then looking at Falcon then Life they all follow the devils instructions willingly....

The End

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