"We need to avoid that" Drake says. He can just make out of the shape of the approaching shape. Which is a cart pulled by.... black unicorns.

"I agree" Ed adds who for his sight has just got the unicorns and its already fearing the meeting.

Then suddenly they are surrounded by men in black cloaks. The hoods are pulled up shadowing there heads. Then the cart is pulling up to them.

Drake crouches automatically pushing Life behind him and growling baring his sharp teeth. The door of the cart swings open and black studded boots hit the step of the cart.

Now up close the cart can been seen very detailed. Its an old styled cart with an enclosed seating space for the master and his guests. The box is totally black with hints of silver and has windows with curtains. Then the driver quite high up at the front. Then the wheels look made out of silver as it the step down.

The man who steps out of the carriage is a different story. He looks about 18 years old. A mere young adult but you can see the power in the mans flaming eyes that seem to burn but look oh so cold.

"Who do we have here?" The man asks his voice as cold and bone rattling as he looks.

"Two fairies, a immortal human, A Dark Immortal Inner and A Dragon shifter, My Lord" One of the cloak figures speaks slowly.

"Incredible" he says bringing his hands together with a clap. "Such a beautiful bunch of misfits roaming the travellers road"

Ed and Kaitlin fly up close to Life who is cowering behind Drake. Falcon stands next to Drake crouch slightly hand on the hilt of his sword.

"He's the Devil" Ed whispers.

"We're going to be recruited" Kaitlin cries quietly but not quiet enough for the Devil not to hear. Which makes him smile happily.

The End

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