Drake sits on a branch of another tree. He looks down at Falcon thrashing against the floor. Life is watching him as well.

But both know they can't touch him they can see the faint touch of violet light sort of hugging him..... Its Eternal's light. Then slowly it flickers then fades.

Drake and Life look at each other. Then suddenly Life was next to Drake. He jumped slightly but then settled down. "I thought you weren't meant to use your magic?" Drake asks raising an eyebrow.

Life shrugs. "Cheap tricks can be done her with hardly any power" She explains. Drake nods. 

"What you think then?" He asks slowly.

"My sister is losing her humanity and she's trying to keep close to her heart" Life says pulling her knees up to her chest.

"How are you feeling?" Drake asks.

"No, lets talk about you" Life turns her gaze on him and he moves nervously. "Why do you carry this?"

She plucks the phoenix medalion out from beneath his shirt and he tries to snatch it back but Life holds it away. She raises a questioning eyebrow. Drake sighs. "Its my wife's.... she died" he says holding back the pain.

"I'm sorry" Life whispers. She takes Drakes hand and puts the medalion in it. Then she slowly closes Drake's fingers over it. "I shouldn't be so nosy"

Drake looks down at the young girl then slowly lowers his heads to hers. Their lips touch but Drake draws in a sudden breath and turns away. "I.... Can you please go?" Drake stutters.

Life nods then vanishes appearing in the tree across.

The End

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