Taking The InituitiveMature

Falcon scratches the back of his neck awkwardly. This is just getting more and more complicated by the moment. Now there's devils on the menu as well as every other assorted nasty they've come up against. Sometimes he wonders if this is all just a bad dream. A really, really bad dream.

"We've got to sort this out." says Falcon. "One way or another, we have to put this right. How, I have no idea, but something tells me that no matter what we do we're going to end up in the thick of it. I speak from experience in that department."

"I know, but how are we going to get past the Devil himself?" asks Life.

Falcon shrugs: "Haven't the foggiest. But my guess is we're  going to have to get to that cave before anything else goes wrong. Then it all depends, I can think of a few ways that might work but we don't really know what the whole issue is until we get there. So, let's get going before anything else jumps out on us."

Life nods and Falcon turns to Drake, who is looking somewhat shell-shocked. He seems to catch Falcon looking at him and he jerks back to reality.

"Yes, right," he says. "Cave, of course."

"You pixies coming?" Falcon asks. "Or do you want to stay alive?"

The End

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