Heal Cave... GaspMature

"Heal Cave" Drake says. Ed and Kaitlin gasp suddenly pulling back. "What's the matter?"

"The Devil has taken over the cave... to get in it you have to get past his men and recruited" Ed explains.

"That can't be possible" Life whispers. "I can't enter the cave with my magic off.... how can he enter it"

"He's poisoned it.... he's poisoned most of the land" Kaitlin exclaims. Everyone besides Falcon is filled with dred.

"I don't understand" Falcon whispers.

"Heal Cave is made of Pure Energy.... it needs to remain pure otherwise one side is too powerful.... Light magic can go in and out..... only dark magic can come out not in" Ed lectures.

"So.... the worlds going to go out of balance" Falcon whispers.

"Yes..... that's bad for Eternal.... she'll become darker and powerfuller" Life whisper.

And that just the begining of it. Drake is feeling cold by the word.... recruited.

His children.....

The End

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