Drake's past was painful. Even before the stone which bounded to him.

He did have a family once. He had a wife who could turn into a phoenix and their two childrens. One who chose the form of a wolf and another who chose a pegasus.

They lived happily..... till the summoning happened. They got taken away by a group of humans with black robes.....

The devils clan. The devil is real but not as powerful as everyone see's him. Eternal without the stone is more powerful than him but he does have a lot of back up on his side.

So they took the children then he found his wife dead......

Drake pulled out the meddalion from beneath his shirt. The phoenix spirit meddalion that could give someone the power to turn into a phoenix if they had the ability already.

Drake sighed and pushed it back beneathed his shirt. "What do we have here then?"

The whole group turned to the voice. Nothing there not a spirit to be seen. "I love messing with people Ed" The voice says again.

"Leave them alone child" a gruff voice says.

"Why should I?" Now the group has stopped moving listening to the bantering. "Hey"

A fairy jumps in front of Life causing her to jump and the fairy to burst out in giggles. A old male fairy turns up. "Let me excuse my student she doesn't know better" The old fairy says. "I'm Ed and the barel of laughs is Kaitlin"

The End

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