Well this sucks.

Falcon mutters a stream of oaths under his breath as, carefully, he begins to scramble across the water after Life and Drake. Water has never been a strong point of his - he can swim yes, but the idea of being burnt to a crisp is not appealing. Again, the two non-humans appear to be breezing through the challenge, Life even giggles as she hops from stone to stone.

Why on earth and I such a pathetic little weakling? says a disdainful voice in Falcon's head. Why am I the only one who struggles with this? They could be miles ahead without me slowing them down. Sometimes being human stinks. Immortal or no, it still got painful from time to time. The fact he was utterly powerless just made it worse.

Dimly, Falcon recalls the power he felt when they faced the shadow-men in the tunnels. He remembers the feeling of sheer strength that coursed through him at that time, and the pain when Eternal had to ge rid of it. Some of that would have been really useful when we got back to the castle, he thinks darkly. He could have blasted Shadow to pieces before he took Eternal. He could have stopped all this from happening in the first place.

When they finally reach the other side, Falcon a good distance behind Life as usual, Drake points in the direction of a forest.

"That's where we're heading," he says. "We keep going that way until we turn off. That's where things get complicated."

Great, thinks Falcon, that means there's going to be trouble. This just gets better and better....

The End

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