Heart to HeartMature

"This place gets better you know" Life says to Falcon. Falcon looks at her eyebrows brought together. Life sighs then skips forward to join Drake. "He's helpless"

"Well, he lost a lot" Drake says scraping his claws together. He's now a humanoide form with wings and proper midnight black claws.

"Yeah, I lost my only sister. I'm coping"  Life says pouting. Drake would of had to admit he found it very cute. Drake smiles at Life.

"Yes, but Love is different" Drake says.

"How?" Life asks, a skip in her step. "Have you been in love?"

Drake freezes and everyone feels the coldness that desends over the group. The fire in Drake having gone out.... well flickering so small no heat comes from it.

"I lost her" Drake says then stomps off ahead. Life and Falcon look at each other. But as they continue Drake warmth slowly returns.

Then they reach a river and a set of stepping stones spread far apart. "We can't touch the water....." Life whispers studying it in fear.

"Why not?" Falcon asks looking at Drake confused.

"Cause its not just water... its flame water. It will set alight at the touch of skin. Its not acid..... its cursed" Drake says simply then hops to the first stone.

"How the hell are we gonna get across.... it looks like 100 miles wide?" Falcon says.

"There's little islands to stop at" Life says then follows Drake.

The End

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