Life fidgeted a lot as she lay down to sleep but then she was still. "What the hell?!?" Falcon said suddenly shocked.

Drake turned his head to look at him. "What?" he says noticing that Falcon is staring directly at him.... or just behind him. Falcon points over Drake shoulder. Drake looks back at two large dragon wings folded on his back.

"Ahh, I can do that in the real world just easier here" Drake says with a shrug. Falcon shakes his head.

The poor guy he's probably seen more things since he met Eternal then he's ever seen in his life. "How did you meet Eternal?" Drake asks.

Falcon looks up then sighs. "One of our scouting party found her....... not the normal meeting but with Eternal nothings normal" Falcon says a hint of a smile playing on his lips.

"You really love her" Drake says sitting down. "Your aura stinks of it"

"Thanks" Falcon laughs. "I think" He adds worried which is Drake's turn to laugh. Drake light a flame in his hand then throws it at the wood they found.

"She could do that" Falcon whispers staring at the flame.

"Her and Life can do a hell of a lot more then me" Drake says smiling. "I think we should sleep..... those blisters will heal over night with sleep here"

With those words Drake curls up wrapping his wings around him.

The End

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