My feet are killing me, thinks Falcon, sloping along behind Drake and Life. The others appear completely unphased by the distance, walking along at an easy lope as if they don't have a care in the world. Falcon, on the other hand, is beginning to count the blisters. As far as he's concerned, the only way this could get any worse would be if Chocolate were here to chew his ankles. Then again, that might distract him from the blisters.

Wonder how the children are doing, thinks Falcon with a pang of regret. He'd forgotten to say goodbye to Rose and Alaric before he left, although he suspected Life or Helena would have told them he'd "gone away for a little while". Either that or they would have guessed it from the mood of the others. They wouldn't be happy about this, but at least they were safe. Unless, that was, Frost was on the move towards them. At least they'd have prior warning, Blaze would be in fits if Frost so much as put a toe into their lands. Injured or no, his friends were more than capable of pulling off a fast getaway. They'd had enough practice, after all.

Finally, just as a second moon rose over the horizon - yellow this time - Drake proclaims that they will stop for the night. With a howl of relief, Falcon flops onto his backside and pulls off his boots to examine the damage. He grimaces, oh yes, those are going to really going to hurt in the morning. Life trots over and sits down beside him:

"I've got some messages for you." she says. She takes a deep breath before continuing."The kids say they love you and hope you come back soon, Helena says keep safe and everyone else says hi. Oh, and Dane says he's going to tear you to pieces for running off like this again. Or was he going to throttle you? ... One or the other."

"Thanks." says Falcon with a wry smile. "That's just what I needed."

Just kill me now...

The End

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