Edging NightMature

"Shouldn't we be stopping for the night" Falcon says looking up at the blackening sky.

"Its a hallucination. This realm has two moons. Only one's in this sky" Drake says side stepping a snap trap.

Falcon looks up and showing clearly is one blue moon. "This realm is weird" Falcon says shaking his head. "So what time is it really?"

"Two hours till nightfall" Drake says looking through his first eyelid. As a dragon he has three. The first one a magic filter, secound aura filter then the last one is just a normal eyelid.

He lets his eyelids open. Something dangerous is hesitaiting around the two adventures and even Falcon can feel the tension of the field around him then.

"Ahhhh!" Life comes flying through a portal and into Drake. Life sort of tackles him to the ground when she comes through the portal.

She props herself up on her extended arms to glare down at Drake. "How dare you try to go save my sister without me?" She snaps pouting.

Falcon bursts out laughing and Drake finds himself blushing on the ground. Life notices and jumps off blushing herself.

"I'm coming to" Life says folding her arms and taking that determined but stubborn position. Drake looks across at Falcon whose slowly losing the laughter in his face. He seldom laughs these days and when he does its not for long.

"What do you say?" Drake asks.

"She's welcome to" Falcon says shrugging. "I thought you said no human had been here before"

"Me and my sister aint human" Life sings turning to skip off.

The End

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