Another Trek Ahead....Mature

As they walked, Falcon begins to understand what Drake meant by hallucinations. Sometimes he would see something in the distance, or something would flicker past the corner of his eye, but whenever he turns to look it's gone. Drake seemed unphased, but frankly it was beginning to make Falcon nervous.

Nightmares my foot, he thought, these aren't nightmares, they're bleeding pests! However, he kept his thoughts to himself for fear of letting karma get at him. As disagreeable as their situation was, he preferred it to anything less favourable at this stage. Flickery illusions were better than ten-foot monsters with poisonous claws and a taste for humans... if that was the worst of the horrors that were beginning to flit through Falcon's mind.

"How long is it going to take us to reach this cave of yours?" Falcon asks.

"A week, maybe more, maybe less." replies Drake. "Depends how fast this Stone starts shrinking."

"Brilliant." mutters Falcon, remembering the last journey he and Eternal took together. Was it really only a few weeks ago when they had trekked across the land to Drake's island to bring back that accursed Stone? That blasted rock had given them nothing but trouble, and frankly Falcon was starting to wish it had never come into existance.

Why couldn't she have sent it somewhere really obscure. Like the bottom of the ocean... or shoved down Shadow's throat until he chokes on it, thinks Falcon evilly. Yes, he definately prefers the latter of those two options.

The End

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