Nightmare PassageMature

Drake could feel the anger echoed between Dane and Falcon when Falcon revealed what he was going to do. But there was also understanding.

The night passed quickly and something strange was lurking in the air. "Frost is moving" Drake whispered as Falcon approached him. Drake turned his head and looked at the immortal human. "You sure you want to do this?"

Falcon nods. Drake snaps his finger the sound echoing loud and bone rattling. Falcon steps back as the crack snaps into reality of the human realm.

"What the hell?!?" Falcon chokes out.

"Another dimension..... but I don't know where we will land" Drake says eyeing Falcon. "Last chance to say no"

Falcon shakes his head then heads for the crack he steps into it and stumbles through hitting the grass on the other side in a tumble.

Drake steps through and laughs at the state he's in. The crack closes behind him. Falcon gets up to his feet.

"That wasn't funny" Falcon mutters.

"Hell it wasnt" Drake laughs. Falcon shakes his head then looks around at the field.

"So where are we?" Falcon asks.

"Field of hallucinations, I guess" Drake says looking around. "Which means. One, we have to be careful and Two, we are miles from the Heal Cave which is where we have to go"

"Heal Cave?" Falcon question deflating slightly.

"More then just heals" Drake says, then sighs. "Lets walk"

The End

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