Drake wakes to blinding light. He moans and he's shocked to hear the slight roar in his voice.

He shifts automatically landing on the floor easily. He looks round and sighs. He is still outside.

The week has been hard. And now Drake has a feeling everything is going to change today. Some new tension in the air was the hint. Drake moved quickly into the cave towards Falcon who already sat awake.

Alaric was sat next to him Rosemery in his lap. "But father-"

"No buts Alaric I'm doing my best" Falcon says sternly. Being a father...... Drake had a chance at that.

"Falcon" Drake calls. Falcon looks up at him. "We need to talk"

Falcon nods then stands up following Drake out of the cave. "We need to climb up" Drake says. He grips on to the rock wall and climbs up.

They reach the top and look out at the land. "I have a way to stable this" Drake says pulling out the stone. Falcon flinches away from it. The stone is half the size it was before.

"I talked to Life. She said as long as it doesn't fully disapear we can save Eternal from being untouchable..... but if we do she will be in pain for a while and...... we'd have to go somewhere no human has stepped before. You cant count on making allies there"

"What you mean?" Falcon whispers.

"I'm saying you'd have to leave the group again and come with me to the Land of Nightmares"

The End

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