Eternal PainMature

Eternal is gone. She's stuck in the tower of the castle of Blaze.
With her stuck there Falcon doesn't know what to do. But the Dragon human Drake knows something that might help but they might have to go somewhere not one human has stepped foot in.

"Oi, get up mate. You know the drill we can't sit here watching her for long" Drake snaps.

Dane watches Falcon as well in worry. They do this every night. Walk from the cave camp to look down at the Blaze castle to see Eternal curled up in the window.

She's different now. Her eyes total violet, Her black hair streamed with violet streaks and her skin giving of a shining glow.

"Falcon your children need you" Drake says putting a hand on the leaders shoulder. Falcon gives off a big sigh then the three men sprint back to the camp carefully.

When they reach it Drake rolls his shoulders. "Argh. This forms getting to me. I'm gonna lie outside in my true form"

Falcon and Dane stare a him shocked. "Don't worry I'll camoflarge" Drake sighs. He moves outside and looks up at the sky.

The stars shine brightly and as Drake shifts forms they seem to get closer but he knows its just his vision.

That and his height now. He lies down on the floor resting his head on his paws. Well, this life is much better then before.

But everyone is missing Eternal even those who don't say it.

The End

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