Just Feel It

You're sitting quietly, just thinking to yourself, in your small cozy room of solitude. You can feel it now, how everything is lighter, brighter somehow.

You can feel how you are loved. You can feel how they are all proud of you, how they admire you. You dwell in this peaceful moment of contentment. You love how, for once, you're all anyone can think about.

But, as you sit there, quietly awaiting Life to continue moving, you realize something. Maybe, maybe... No. It can't be. But it has to be... Your feelings do not lie to you, cannot lie to you. A small prick of sorrow, and uneasiness ruin the happy façade you've placed yourself within.y

You watch how the sun shines through your windows, filtered through the drapery. Why? Why cannot happiness last, why cannot time stand still, if only for a little while. You guess, though, that you must have had your share of stand-still happiness for a while. But you cannot help but wonder when it will come again. When you can just feel it deep within yourself, that quiet, happy lie you love so dearly, hold on to so passionately.

You're afraid. You're afraid to let go because you fear you may not be able to keep yourself afloat long enough; you fear that you may never get another chance to experience such a moment ever again. You're afraid that you may go insane without this feeling of a happy lie.

You're just afraid.

The End

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