Chapter 4Mature

cried a fountain
ran down the hall towards the girls restroom. She slammed into the
door and shoved it open, burying her face in her sleeves.
Disappearing into the cubical, she pulled over the lock and balanced
on the toilet lid, sucking in her trembling breaths.

heard someone else crash around the corner, and she listened as they
panted by the sinks, and she could almost feel their stare draw
across the three toilet doors. “Ruby?” She shuffled back against
the wall. “Please, Ruby, don't be scared of us.”

minutes previous, she had woken on the ground of the sick bay, blood
pooling from her mouth onto the ground. The nurse hadn't yet arrived,
and she had collapsed. Sharn was the only one that had stayed with
her, Jade had escaped with her life, and Lilli was rinsing her mouth
of blood. Ruby pulled down her shirt collar to stare at the tooth
marks along her neck.
her mouth of

I can explain.” Sharn said again.

She hugged herself, but
didn't reply. She just stared at the wet ground, holding her breath
through the stench of urine. Then the door hinges screeched again,
and she heard a panting noise. Lilli.

“We're in deep
trouble.” She heard.

She swallowed the lump in her throat,
for a moment thinking that the teachers had seen something. But how
silly of her to think for the slightest of a normal

“How come?” Sharn breathed.

attacked the queen. The queen! Once King Drake hears of this, we'll
be vampire food.”

Ruby stood on top of the toilet and pushed
the small window above it open to let in a draft of cooler, fresher
air. Shoes squeaked on the lino, and she knew that they had heard
“Come on, I'm not explaining to you in here.”

wasn't quite sure who had said that, but she jumped back down and
opened the door, drying her eyes on the back of her hand. She could
feel the skin around her eyelids that it was puffy and tender. The
dreadful barking wouldn't leave her thoughts.

Lilli held her
hands behind her back. “I'm so sorry... I thought it was Tia like
last time.”

“Last time?” Ruby had a flavour of sarcasm
in her voice. She couldn't recall there being a

“Yeah, with the car. Tia came in. Your guardian. I'd use
any excuse to kill her, sink my burning teeth into her

“Say what?” Blinking, Ruby staggered out and
back into the hall with the two girls, wrinkling her nose at the wet
dog smell coming from Lilli.

Sharn piped up that time, draping
her arms over their shoulders and resting her weight on them, making
them dip. “Haha, got you!”

Lilli shook her off, grunting
in laughter. “Tia is a vampire- hey, stop it you!-” She shoved
Sharn as she flicked water from her fingers. “Me, a werewolf. Not
the best mix.”

“A. Were. Wolf?”

Sage, werewolf at yer service.”

Ruby dibbled her fingernails
on her arms. “So, how do you... you know, change?”

Lilli looked at her with glinting eyes. “Greetings,” She said in
a deeper tone. “My name's Dexter, Sage's dragon.”

A sound
came through the rain. Ruby turned over under the sheets. Her eyes
shifted under their lids, and in her mind, a dream chased her like a
snarling dog.

She was back
in the hall of school. A flashback. She stared at Lilli, who had...
changed. Not physically, but as soon as that sound had came, a chill
had crawled down her spine. She reached out her bony fingers and
touched Lilli's arm to make sure it was reality, and a burning image
exploded in her thoughts. There was a brown dragon with glowing amber
eyes, his pearly white claws gripping the ground. His large wingspan
covered the rest of his snaking body.

Ruby's breath
escaped from her like a demon fleeing from her body. She flashed
awake and lurched forward in her bed, eyes stretched wide. The room
was pitch black, appart from the faint glow of the dying oil lamp she
had blown out an hour ago. Again the sound came. A rapping on the
window, loud about the pound of rain. She leap to her feet, squeaking
at the cold floor boards on her bare feet.

knock, knock!

She drew back the thin papery curtains and stared at the face glaring
back at her, her brown gaze caught in their green one. The man
crouched under the eaves, his long black hair slick with rain. He
looked deep into her, desperation in her face.

me in, please, Ruby!” He pleaded.

She took a step backwards,
heart leaping. Nyra called in for the first time since the day she
had heard Lilli.
him. If there if anyone you can count on, its him.

stranger dropped his gaze and pulled a stitched jacket closer around
himself. “My name is Luke, if you have any idea. I come from
Dravion... I know Nyra.”

She gasped, hand on her lips. He
stared at her, and something tickled her insides. She ran out into
the kitchen, then ripped open the door, and Luke burst inside. He
stood in the doorway for a moment, holding a torch in one hand. His
breathing was rough and hoarse. He staggered into her, and she held
him up, dragging his limp body towards a chair.

please.” She said, dragging him upright.

Luke swallowed,
unable to meet her gaze. His hand gripped hers. “You know... After
all this time...” He began to murmur his memories, and she leaned
closer until his cold breath stroked her cheek. “Fifteen years
since you were born, since you looked up at me with those big, round
eyes, and smiled.”

Ruby withdrew slightly, staring straight
into his face. “Luke, I don't know who you are.”

I'm your father.”

The End

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