Chapter 3Mature

was a living nightmare,
well, at least to Ruby. What was the worthiness of six hours a day,
frittered away on sitting at a desk with a slouched spine, dizzy
concerntration, and a screaming teacher? She twisted her pencil
between her fingers and glanced behind her, to meet the flinching
gaze of the person behind her. Lilli blinked and shyed away, letting
her red tinged hair droop over her face as she continued

After the 'car test', as far as Lilli was going to
explain it, things around the class had been edgy. She scribed
another few letters, looked up the whiteboard, and then listened as
the teacher blurted out notes for them to remember. She heard a faint
hissing sound, and a spit ball flew from one of the test straws and
landed splat into the back of another girl's head. Ruby put pressure
on her pencil tip, and the graphite snapped. She sat there sharpening
for a good ten minutes, then returned to her book.

open to the specified page, she skimmed the text and  listened as
another ball of crumpled wet paper sailed above her head. Recently,
her attention span had been short, and her fuse equal. Usually
passive, she was now hot-headed, and more than powerful enough to
deal with things, more or less to her knowledge.

It all began
that day, when the spit balls, aimed at Jessy, the popular girl, hit
her. She glared down at her shoulder, at the smearing of clumped up
white. Then she raised her gaze to glared at Peter, the shooter, who
was laughing like mad, rocking back on his chair. She looked down the
chair legs, at the one that was holding him to the ground. She then
grabbed her pencil and flicked it in a perfect arch to land point
down at the foot, and the chair rocked, and he toppled backwards,
just as the the teacher turned around to announce what she had
written on the white board.

“Peter! No swinging on our
chairs, now you see why!” Mrs. White said, her voice like the cark
of a vulture. She had the same posture too. Her shoulders higher than
her neck, her head dipped and a spine that turned inwards.

whole class roared with laughter. Ruby smiled and giggled, and
received a hearty pat on the back from Lilli.

“You got some
skills there, girlie!” She raved.

Ruby stood on her own toe,
her own way of dealing with shyness. “Eh, just a fluke.”

a flick, more like! You sent Peter really spit ballin'!”

the cheer of the class was quietened by Mrs.White again, and this
time it was a scream. “Back to work! Now, Peter, if you can get
of your chair now, would you hand out these worksheets.” She drew
her sharp, spear-like glare over the students. “Homework is due on

Sharn, who was across from Ruby, appart from Emily,
who sat squarely in the middle, called to Ruby. “Wanna come with us
at break?”

“Yeah... sure.” Ruby still couldn't rid the
buzzing memory of them trying to run them down with their car, like
it was a fly over a plate of food.

Jade's groan of
displeasure could be heard across the room. Ruby knew the tall, young
teenager didn't like her, but it was her goal to change that. It
wasn't her after all that tired to run someone over!

The bell
came short, sharp, and shrill. Much like Mrs.White, who was again
reminding everyone about homework on Monday. Ruby grabbed the
worksheet off her desk and stuffed it in her back, then trudged out
with the rest of the clobbering mass of bodies in the rush for

The cafferteria was jam packed. Every table in
sight was stocked, groups of girls trying to fit on the long chairs,
others secluded to the darker shadows of the white room. Ruby
staggered with her lunchbox towards Lilli, who literally shouldered
her way to a small table against the wall, near the door.
a draft.

stabbed her thoughts with sheer pain.

Ruby lurched into Jade,
who grunted and sat down to let her tumble. As she crashed for the
ground, Sharn caught her and held her so she could catch her

“Sorry, I, uh... sort of, well...” She stuttered
for some way to explain.

Lilli chuckled. “Don't sweat.”

breathed a sigh of relief and sat close to Sharn, the quietest of the
three. If Lilli wasn't blabbing, Jade was complaining, and the rest
of the chatter around the caferteria didn't make anything

“We have to tell you something.” Lilli said,
crunching her white teeth into an apple.

Ruby shrugged,
nibbling on the edge of a biscuit. “Sure, hit me with it.”

not.” Jade said quickly.

Lilli shot a glare edgy as glass at
her. “Fine then, you can go first.”

Jade growled at her,
really growled. Like a deep,
“Why in public?”

“Who is really going to be listening to
us?” Sharn pointed out, picking through a chip packet and getting
salt all over her fingers.

The bell went again, and hundreds
of people rose from their seats and fled for the doors for recess.
They stayed behind, waiting until the last little person ran out,
then the room was left bleak, littered with rubbish and spoiled

“Cleaners luck,” Lilli muttered.


Ruby itched her neck, looked around, then back. “So...”

dug her nails into the pink lid of her lunch box. “You don't have
to believe us, but... I am a ghost. I come from a place, which, as
stupid as it sounds, called Witchatopia. In the ancient language of
the elves, it is called Speldrathika. Lilli, here, is really called
Sage. Sharn is a dragon-rider in training.”

Ruby blinked.
“And you think you have problems.”

“So, you believe us?”
Lilli said, face brightening.

“Yeah sure, afterall, I have a
spirit called Nyra that speaks to me in my head.”

glanced at Sharn, who in return stared at Jade. They all looked
serious for a moment, then all broke into laughter. “Yeah

Then Nyra growled in her mind, and she felt as if
fresh blood ran down the inside of her arm.
I was there they would be bowing on their knees!

clenched her fists, unable to think of how to calm the beasts anger.
She didn't even know what Nyra was herself! Then in a quick cold
like before, she was gone, and she was in a pale room. She dared not
move, or even breath harder than a mouse, until her chest burned.
Whatever was going on in her own body was loud, because she could
hear it for her own. Someone screamed, some
roared, she heard two people drop to the ground, and another
There was the barking of a dog, then everything turned black.

The End

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