ETERNAL LOVE. A si-fi love story.

ETERNAL LOVE. A si-fi love story.

A Si-Fi Love story .
Author- Jivan

It is an eternal love story based on my life. Ajay. That's me! Dies in a freak accident. I was brought back to life after twenty-five years! Thanks to our science and technology. Now my girl friend; Maya is happily married woman with a grown up son. . Will I reunite with my love? What had happened to our only lost love child?

An Extract form Eternal love...

My Dad had decided to celebrate my MBA degree at the Hilton hotel. He made arrangements for my colleagues. Naha came to my house by sharp 8.p.m. she looks terribly sexiting in her new out fit. She wore a macro leather skirt to display her perfect bottom and slender legs .her leather jacket zip was kept open to show beautiful cleavage and her heavy bosom.

I told my parents that I would be back by we got into my Ferrari and hit the road towards Hilton hotel. At the lobby our colleagues were waiting for us. They all jeered at us for coming late. My friends were salivating after seeing Naha. Girls found her presence bit intimidating. I was in my best of Armani suiting. I tried to look cool.

My dad had arranged every thing for us at the crystal hall .it was a gift from my dad to celebrate my MBA degree. We all moved to crystal hall. We were greeted with bust of music .our welcome drink was champagne. I announced party " come on every body, let's party...NO limits, enjoy yourself " they all screamed like kids... "YeeeeeeeYahaaaaaaaaaa! ". Most of them finished their welcome drink with one gulp and hit the floor to dance. I want to give them personnel touch .I took control of bar our mini bar .now and then my colleagues approached me with their empty champagne glass. I had to show them that my Dad is not a Kanjoos (miser). I enjoyed listing to the music and served Royal Challenge to my colleagues .I encouraged them "No limits. Enjoy the party". Naha came to me and invited me to dance with her. "Neha, I will join with our latter. You know I am the host." she went back to the floor to dance with others. Every guy wanted to dance with Naha. Girls were fuming with the presence of Naha. They all felt they look out dated. One of the disgruntled girl Ms.Monisha want me to dance with her. Poor soul. I felt sorry for her and dance with her for some time.
It was around 10 p.m. I invited every one for buffet. "Come on friends. Let's have some food." like in our collage canteen they formed Que. Naha and I served food for them. Later we collected food on a platter and had a quite dinner and drinks together.
After the dinner every body was in a relaxed mood .my colleagues insisted me to tell them about my feature plans. I was not prepared for it; I need time to think about it. At home my parents want me to get married and settle down before I start working for our own business. I insisted that each and every one tell about their future plan before I announce it at the end. Most of them talked about making it big with MNC. Some of them are looking for greener Pasteur across the seven seas.
My best friend Naha was standing next to me. Now it was her turn. I had no idea abut her future plans. I was eagerly waiting her to say some thing about her plans. She was trying to steal the limelight. She took her own time to announce..." Guys and Girls!" ... I believe in an institution called marriage! Every body was disappointed but we all managed to say in unison "OOOOOH". We tried to sympathies with her. I though of adding "an institution called legalized prostitution." This chick is a gone case. She just loves to produce babies. . I thought she would go places. Here she talks about her future marriage. She continued "I studied MBA to look for Mr. Right so that I can be the deciding factor. Thank you" ".Now it was my turn." My parent means every thing to me. They want me to get married and settle down before I take up job at my Dad's office. My parents are great people. They allowed me to choose my life partner. The day I meet my dream girl, I will settle down in my life..." Naha teased me." Yaar... what about me? "
I told her that we would remain friends forever... (1)

After every told about their ambitions in their life; guys instead that Naha sings song for us. We all know that she sings pretty well with her melodious voice .she asked for remote mike and unzipped her leather jacket and placed it on the bar. Under the leather jacket she wore one cut banyan. She was not even wearing bra. Her vertical slit navel was pierced and locked with a small platinum ring .it looks cute on her fabulous abdomen. I went around serving drinks for my colleagues. The steward gave a remote mike to her. She started singing title song of Titanic in Karaoke mode." Every night in my dream..."
I went back to mini bar and collected another bottle of Royal challenge. She stretched her left arms at me. With new bottle in my hand I went close to her. She coolly put her left arm around my hip and went on singing ".... Near.... Far.....Where ever you are..." now and then she stated drooling over me. I knew she was teasing me.
I noticed she was taller me, may be around six feet. With sign language I conveyed steward to serve drinks to my friends. After her song applauds were followed .she looked at me for complements. I placed a gentle peck on her cheek; only to receive a thunderous applauds. The flashlights had frozen those sweet moments.
It was around 11p.m girls want to return home. After our last drink I signed hotel bills. Naha put back her leather jacket and we made it to the lobby. Naha and I bid each and every one of our friends. They all thanked me for giving them a memorable party. I give my car key to the valet boy to bring my car. I think Naha had few extra pegs. She looked straight into my eyes as if asking me "your place or my place? ". I dodged her eyes, by the time my car was bought to portico .I paid tips to valet boy. "Come on Naha. Get in; I will drop you at your place ". I opened front door for her. "My place? Great! ". I knew she loves teasing me. She got into the car and sat with her legs crossed. She made comfortable by tilting her seat and leaning back on her .I turned on ignition. Pushed on CD changer button and shifted gear. Car took of with a roar. By the time we left the hotel
It was already 11-15 p.m. I started driving on the main road at about 50.Km/h and was lost in thoughts. "Day after tomorrow Naha will be leaving for her native place.... She only wants to get married and produce children! I could not figure out why an ultra modern girl wants to settle down too early in her life..." I notice one pajero turbo charger following our car." how time flies ... two years of our friendship ... Naha is a fun loving girl. She is my best friend. She is a deadly combination of intelligence, smart and sexy. But she is still not my dream girl ... she is ok...." she changed her legs to make her presence felt. I slipped back to my thoughts." how a dream girl does look like...?"

I started driving on the main high way. Except little vehicular traffic road was almost deserted. Pajero started running parallel to our car. I looked through the window. They brought their car close to us. There were five youngsters in it. They were all leering at Naha. I reduced speed to allow them to over take us. They cut diagonally across to me. Forcing me to slam on breaks. We came to an abrupt halt. I wanted to know what these guys are up to. Five of those guys got out of their SUV and approached us. These guys are looking for trouble. One of the guys leaned on the car and tried to grab the car key .I flicked it even before he could get it. Form the left side of the car a guy started troubling Naha. He got the look of a road Romeo. I think he could be their Boss. I said " wait you guys; what do you want? Money or car?"(My car is fitted with GPS tracking system. it can be traced out in a matter of time). They did not say anything.
I told them "why don't you take my car and leave us alone?"
Romeo opened the left side door and pulled Naha out of the car. Naha came to her sense. He put his left arm around her neck and held her too close to him. She pleaded me to rescue her."AJAY.... HELP...! ". " Look Naha. I am no Hero. Let me negotiate with them." as I got out of the car I put car key in my pocket.


Romeo told me " She is the sexiest girl'. You better take your car and get lost. I promise no harm; I will drop her at her palace." he assured me by kissing on her right cheek. With his hand he felt her flat and sexy abdomen.
I stated negotiating with him." Look Mr. Romeo. You just leave her alone. Take my car; it is worth more than eighty-five lakhs." Four other guys menacingly closed on me. One of them warned me." our Boss is telling you to save your life and you are telling him to get lost with your car?" Romeo dragged Naha towards his SUV. He then suddenly changed his mind. "Fix that guy and bring his car too...!" Naha put up fight with him but it was of no use. That hefty guy took care of her resistance. Not even one single patrol car was visible on the main high way. Only few couple of vehicles went past us with out even stopping.... With his right hand Romeo opened his SUV front door. Naha snatched car key and threw it into the open gutter. He gave her one good thrashing across her face. I need to manage these four guys before I could save her .I stated thinking double fast. "If I gave my car key to these guys they will take my car and escape. While Romeo searching his car keys in the gutter I can fix him..." It was a wishful thought .A blow on my chest brought back me to life. Next punch was closing on my face; I ducked it in the nick of time and with my elbow I rammed on his groin .he was holding on to his dear life in writhing pain on the road. I took couple of steps back "I send out an open invitation to Romeo "Hey. Romeo, come and join the fun." he released his grip on Naha. He wanted to join the fun...he was walking towards me... It has been more than two years since I stopped practicing kick boxing. I switched on to defense mode. Instead of attacking I want to work fast on their strategies and next move. It took me some time to get into the rhythm. After a bit of struggle I managed to subdue them. Naha came over to me .she then hugged and kissed on my cheek.
She said "I never new you could fight pretty well."
"No. Naha. I am not a fighter. I learned Kickboxing for my self-defense. Here is my car key." I gave my car key to Naha and went to Romeo. He could hardly get up. I caught him by his shirt collar and folded his right arm behind him. He made a painful sound.
"Come on. Move your Ass... you are coming with me to the police station." he begged me to leave him...
"O.K. on one condition, you will touch my friend's feet and ask for forgiveness for misbehaving with her .it is just that simple .O.K"? He was not happy. I raised his right arm further higher. He then agreed by saying "Aahaaaaaa." I said that was fine. Naha was standing next to the car. With his twisted hand held by me, he had no other choice left. He bends in front of Naha to touch her feet. She moved away... "You stupid Naha, he wants to ask you for forgiveness .you just bless him ". As I further twisted his right arm he touched Naha's feet and said "Sorry ". I congratulated him" good boy." I told Naha to start the car. "Romeo now you will open the back door for us.O.K? " Romeo interrupted me. "Sir, you promised me..." I cut him short ". In this condition you will come anywhere with me. Agree...?". I further tightened my grip on his Arm." You shut your tarp and just follow my instructions, is that clear?" the pain on his face assured me of his kind cooperation .we both got into the car and Naha started driving on the main high way. "Neha. Is this how you drive a Ferrari? Step on the gas pedal." She shifted gears in rapid session and car went cruising on the high way....
"Naha. Take the first coming left turn; you will find police station on your right side. After you cross the police station about fifty feet you will drop us. I do not want you to come to the police station. You take my car to your place. I will get it tomorrow morning. Understood?" she said "O.K. Ajay ". I switched on GPS on my cell. Then I dialed Naha's number. She took her cell to answer me with out even checking the number." it's me honey! "She looked at me though the rear mirror." What is so funny "? She wanted to know.

"Nothing. Dear. You are taking my cell with you; do not switch off till you reach your home .I do not want any more untoward incident happening to you till you reach your home. Now you exchange your phone with mine. ".We exchanged our cell phone with out switching it off...
After we went past police station I told Naha to stop the car. I go out of the car with Romeo. I asked Naha to drive straight to her home. She hit on the straight road. Holding his arm in an uncomfortable position he seems an obedient boy. As we walked towards the police station, with my left hand I made phone call to my Dad.
"Dad. I am here at K-2 police station."
"What happened? Ajay?" there was shock in his voice. "Nothing serious. I hope you will make it to the police station..." he assured me that he will be here in any moment. I put Naha's cell back into my pocket. "Now listen Romeo. You know at the police station only money and power can talk? You chose a wrong person to pick up fight. In few minutes time you will come to know of my power and me. At the police station I will do the talking. Don't ask for any more trouble. Understood "?
We entered into the police station. In front of inspector I release the grip on him. Inspector looked at me with a question mark on his face .I introduced my self." I am son of. Mr.Vishawanath Prathap singh. CEO of Dax Air Ways..." .I held out my hand. Inspector seems bit civilized. He shook my hand. "Take your seat." he offered me chair." thank you, I am. Ajay. Sir, I have a small problem with this guy... ". Ummmm. What happened? He inquired. I continued "After our sendoff party at Hilton hotel I was returning with in my friend's car. These guys over took our car and forced us to stop. Four other friends of this guy forcibly tired to take way my friend's car..."
Inspector "four other guys? Where are they...?"
I..." I left them on the main high way..." mean while four others guys with their SUV arrived at the police station, followed by high way police patrol car. Those guys were bought in front of inspector. He got up form his chair and went straight to one guy and thrashed him .he screamed on top of his voice." you are already wanted by us. What is all this nonsense." .he asked police to lock him behind the bar. Mean while my Dad arrived at the police station. I got up form the chair. Inspector wished my Dad. He smiled at him and shook his hand with inspector. I offered my chair." Ajay. What is all this?"
"Relax Dad, nothing serious. These guys stopped our car and misbehaved with Naha. I allowed Naha to take my car. I did not want her to come to police station. She will return my car by tomorrow morning". Inspector asked Romeo about his details. He mentioned the name of a jewelry shop. He requested inspector to make one phone call to his Dad, may be he wanted to show of his strength. Inspector allowed him to make phone call. Romeo started with "Dad. There is a small problem; I am at K-2 police station..."may be inspector does not want to book FIR. He asked my Dad whether he wants to file the case or just warn those youngsters. I could hear the sound of car door closing. Over the cell Naha announced "Ajay. I am home..." I took out her cell from my pocket. It seems Dad wanted to talk to her. I handed it over to Dad. "Naha .Are you safe?" she answered it by saying "Uncle. I am safe at home ". Dad wished her "Good night. Neha "he returned her cell back to Me." fine. Naha. I will speak to you latter" .I switched off her cell and put back in my pocket.
Romeo's father. A short, fat marwadi barged into the room. With folded hand he approached inspector. he asked his son " Khya hu- wa po-ther"? (What happened my son?). He introduced himself to the inspector. Another chair was bought for him. Inspector introduced him to my Dad. "This gentle men is the owner of Dax air ways." Romeo's father folded both hands at my Dad. My Dad acknowledges him with his gustier. Inspector continued " You son had misbehaved with Ajay's girl friend and also tried to forcibly took away his car ".

Romeo's father stared at his direction. Behind him he noticed is friends, especially the one behind the bars .He pointed at the guy behind the lock up room and fired at his son " I told you several time to disassociate with that guy.. " inspector in formed him " that guy is a wanted man in several cases..." Romeo's father." Vijay. You heard what inspector said. Did not I warn you several times? ". His father turned to my Dad. Sir, please do not file the case. This will be the last warning for my son..." Romeo (Vijay) came to my Dad "Uncle. I am extremely sorry. I promise." my Dad looked at me .I left my choice with my Dad. My Dad told Vijay's father." see that they do not repeat same mistake" Vijay's father thanked my Dad profusely. My Dad got up to go.
Inspector gave stern warning to Vijay." Look. Vijay just because this gentlemen forgave you I am just warning you. I don't want any more future problems form you failing which I will be forced to take drastic actions against you. Have you understood clearly?" with his bowed head he said "yes sir, I promise no more problems from me....".
My Dad had already moved out of the room. Vijay's father thanked inspector and left behind a sweet box. May be it contained Rs.10, 000 or so. He then ran after my Dad." excuse me Sir..." Vijay came to me and said "I am sorry Ajay." he held out his hand for me" I placed my left hand on his shoulder "Vijay. Change for a better tomorrow." I moved on. He followed me. I heard inspector ordering police to lockup his friends.
Near the car Vijay's father was talking to my Dad. "Sir, my son got spoiled all because of his friends.... I am extremely sorry for the trouble caused by my son..." he then changed his topic. "Sir, I heard you are opening air lines booking office across the cities...".
Dad gave him his personnel visiting card "contact my office and just refer my name. Start our branch for your son and see whether he became a responsible man ". Vijay's father again folded his hand at my Dad. I told Vijay's father "see you Uncle." and got inside our car. He waved at me. When we got home it was 12.40a.m.

The End

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