Eternal Love...Mature

The night, damp and cold. Fog Lingering within its deep darkest recesses. From this Eternal womb I have awakened as I do when the sun has released my world from its death grip. The Night is the true world a world for which I am perfectly sculpted. The wind rips across my alabaster flesh as I make my unholy pilgrimage. The forest seems to be teaming with life this night, but none shall sate this hunger that swells within the depth of my tortured soul. I follow the same beaten path to the familiar place where my heart doth now lie, Steeped in dreams of her daylight times. The days last traces dwindle like a smile that stretches across the horizon to find her rain stained hill haloed in her great virgin white cherry orchard. The intoxicating aroma calls forth memories of brighter days, soaked in the mid day sun rolling in the falling blossoms, light dancing in her unfettered locks. Stop! these visions ,oh you cruel mortality, they give birth to such inhuman pains. I approach like a wraith to the huge Manor of my only treasured gift. Its great columns stand as monoliths of her great majesty locked within the confines of its hollowed halls. Its arched Gothic windows are etched into my mind, memories of light dancing through there satined glass hearts. I find her terrace and its rose marble facade drenched in a cloak of deep red roses. A cupid is tangled within the supple depths an arrow drawn in readiness to pierce another heart as skillfully as it had struck its deathblow upon mine. Her large French doors keeping her shrouded within from the damp chill of the night. The light from her portal spills into the night conquering all evil that might dare catch its sight. I stood at that window and peered through its canopy to find my only love with my preternatural sight. Yet, I fear for myself and my only true love for this damned hunger would ravage her and compel me to shatter these flimsy panes and rip her from this earthly realm but If there be a God in the heavens he will give me the will to conquer this strife for one fair glimpse of my only reason for life. I see within a room strewn with lavish splendors untouched by time and just how it was frozen in my mind. Its aspects emblazoned upon the fabric of my memory. Its four poster bed draped in the deepest crimson velvet and its body formed of white flannel sheets and Her overstuffed pillows patterned with roses in full bloom. The rooms hollows were dimly lit with the life of flickering candles reflected upon the blushing marble floor dressed in a pristine white fur rugs. The came a sudden rush of movement from the heart of her chamber and with a slam I found myself thrown to the marbled terrace floor. The doors opened as if in slow motion to reveal a great birth of warmth and light as if heavens glory was damed within the rooms fathomless confines. My Immortal eyes could not help but shutter in the vision of the creature that solidified within that unearthly light between the span of those eternal seconds, A being formed in the worlds of heaven, cast from the temper of a divine forge. The first of her angelic form was the gentle expanse of well sculptured limbs the rest of her burst to life from the wavering vortex of light, her flesh cloaked in a gossamer gown. Her face touched by the grace of all things unfathomable, lips begged to be tasted, her eyes pools of vibrance . She met my awe with a reflection of disbelief as she saw me there strewn upon the marble floor, I was mesmerized by the warmth of her loving eyes. She rushed to my place carrying with her the sweets scents of a woman and hints of rose bloom. Her body met mine in a supple embrace of radiant loving. She brushed my hair back from my tear laced eyes as the look of total realization washed over her. She had found her love long lost to her and would not let me go. She pulled me tighter to her breast and clutched me like I was hers. The hunger. Please release me from this horror is all I could think. Her hair entangled with mine as her truth sent shivers to my very core and awakened such longing, that of which I thought had died within my earthly coil. We kissed for eternity as she fell to the floor in rapture.My Heart was swollowed in sorrow for the love we had lost and now as it beats wildly with a new flavor of life. Her lips begged to be drank deeply and I could not help but let go of my immortal fears. We kissed till the line between us blurred then was vanquished all together in the warmth. I sucked and lapped with my tongue till I found her swan like neck and kissed at a fevered pace in the rush of new found life. A Tremor released inside of me a voice screaming caution to the heart that was beating deep inside. I forced the hunger to subside as I found another point into which to reside. Her loving breasts were there tight in hand as I suckled upon there erect nipples. Her flesh was suger to my tongue and I yearned to devour its sweet liqour all the more. I kissed her flattened belly and her hips till I found her queenly throne. Her chalice was wet with antisapation as my tongue found its home. I Fed her pleasure with each hungered lick. As I consumed her heavenly blossom her body shivered with dellerium that she echoed with her cries of pleasure. I returned to her other lips to remember there rosey essence as she began to tare at my tunic and found my stout chest. Her hands toured my body and caressed my hardened member and slowly released it from its bounds. Her delicate hands found its stiffed shaft and began to churn. she hungrily licked its tip with her flickering tongue then took its length into her precious lips and fed it deep inside. Her pace tinged with a greedy tone as to drive me to a point of ascent, then would stop to caress it slowly then released it to do its job. She reclined upon her marbled floor legs spread ready to receive our loving sacrament. I found my target and thrust my lance deep with her yawning heart. She held me tight to her, harder with every impaling plunge. Till she found herself intoxicated with my verile coarse. As our heart quickened and our worlds fell in to line. A rage of pure rapture quaked deep with in her quivering vessel. Our eyes locked in our timeless dance as our liquid hearts burst forth from every seam. The world stood still in the throws of ecstasy, caught within our embrace all began to melt as I found my place with in her, I belonged here with her not a darkened tomb. I looked at her in the dying night and kissed her sweet brow. I have felt a crack in my monsters soul, I have been gifted with a love of the truest kind. My eyes left my loves warm glance to look upon the horizons golden line. I have lived a life to the best of my wishes and I wish I could stay in my loves embrace and her loving glow yet my twilight is over and my heart is at peace as the hunger began to rip at my mortal mind to fear and flee the killing sun. A spark reflected in my lovers tears as the morning awoke upon my years. The sunlight pierced the field of cherry blossoms and lightened the manors cast iron gates. I looked so deep in to her eyes to forget what had become of me for I would rather have this blissful night than live eternity. I released the beast into the heavens as my world became a cloak of flames Take me from this unearthly life to cause my love no more bloody strife. My world had been swollowed up in the light of heaven and thus has departed my vampires life......The End....

The End

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