Chapter NineMature


“What the hell?” I snapped at the new comer, “Who, the hell are you?” I demanded.

The man standing in front of me was wearing light, worn denim jeans, a dark green shirt and a brown leather jacket.  He had sharp features, and looked about nineteen. He had sandy blonde hair and deep brown eyes.

  The man in front of me simply smirked and replied, “Oh, come on, now young Skylah,” I flinched at hearing my own name. Zen growled deeply, bearing his sharp teeth, but I made now move to hush him.

I grimaced, took a deep breath and calmed myself, “I’ll don’t like to repeat myself, so I’ll ask you to answer my questions, who are you, and - how do you know my name?!” I growled at the new comer.

His grin darkened, “Don’t be like that Miss Ash, my name is Inigo Erebus.”

  “Inigo Erebus?” I snorted.

He narrowed his eyes at me. “Do not mock me, Miss Ash.” He hissed as he slipped his shiny sword into his scabbard that lay at his side. “I am not somebody you should think of as your enemy.”

  I looked past him at his aura, no, he was definitely human. There was nothing I could do to interfere here. No matter. There was still something I wanted to ask him, it had been niggling me since he’d done it.

“How did you do it?” I asked coldly.

“Do what, Miss Ash?”

“My name’s Skylah!” I snapped at him. “And I’m sure you know perfectly well what I mean.” I replied angrily, gesturing at the pile of ash that lay on the floor. All that was left of the Lost Soul.

“My blade is made of a similar type of matter of that of your, what do you call it? Divine Dagger?” I raised my eyebrows at that reply. I certainly wasn’t expecting that answer.

“And you came across this, the Lost Soul s, everything how?” I demanded.

“Skylah!” cried Lucifer from behind. I whipped my head around to look at him, realised what I’d done and looked back.

Inigo had disappeared.

I looked at Zen.

He returned me with an equally confused look.

“Who…was that?” asked Leon panting. I didn’t hear him. I was looking around wildly for the young guy that had disappeared suddenly.

“Inigo Erebus.” Replied Kane, a dark look on his face.

“You know him?” I roared, suddenly furious.

“Unfortunately, I had the displeasure of meeting him many years ago.” Kane growled looking down and picking the ends of his worn leather wristbands.

“Where?” asked Lucifer before I could snap at Kane again.

“I’d rather not say.” Replied Kane sadly. His eyes dark and lifeless. He turned away from us and started to walk away. “C’mon we’d better go and find my colleague.”

We followed in silence. I slowed my pace as I scooped the little Zen onto my shoulder. He licked my cheek.

“I know,” I whispered “we’ll get him soon enough. I’ve got a funny feeling we’ll meet him again.” He nuzzled his cold wet nose into the side of my neck.

“Hey, cut it out! It tickles!” I laughed as I pinched his ear gently. He seemed to sigh as he settled down onto my shoulder.

I trailed along behind everybody else. Facing the floor and dragging my feet. Lost in my thoughts. The thing that was troubling me the most though was how Inigo had killed that Lost Soul . Only Guardian’s Divine Daggers had that power. 

We reached the fence at the end of the field where Steve’s car had crushed.

Kane had left the unconscious man leaning up against a large oak. He grunted in his sleep as Kane hooked his arm around his back. But he made no sign of waking up.

I looked at Lucifer questioningly, “What do we do know? We have no car and, to make things worse,”

“We’re in the middle of nowhere.” Leon finished.

“I don’t know,” Muttered Lucifer, looking at the rocky path ahead of us. “But I think we need to get Steve here to a safe place first.”

I let out a deep sigh as I looked ahead of us. The road seemed long and winding, and showed no signs of tuning onto a main road anytime soon. I looked behind me instead. We’d driven a long way. I guessed it’d be a long walk either way.

Zen growled lightly as if in agreement. “Well, I don’t know what we should do.” I muttered to myself.

Kane groaned as he started to haul Steve back the way we’d come. “God, this dude needs to cut down on his Mickey D’s.” I sniggered at the joke. Wow, I’d have never guessed that Kane had a sense of humour. Or at least crack jokes that weren’t aimed at me.

I looked up to the sky. The sun was just starting to sink over the horizon.

I brushed my fingers over my scarred cheek. I didn’t like been out in the dark in the woods. I keep expecting that Lost Soul  to spring out. I let out a long groan and rubbed my eyes.

Zen bit my earlobe gently. I looked up and realised that everybody had left ahead of me.  “Thanks Zen, if it wasn’t for you they’d have left without us. Or would you have left me too?” I chuckled.

“You coming princess?” Kane bellowed, at the head of the group.

“don’t think you can get rid of me that easily – robin hood.” He hesitated for a moment but soon carried on. YES!! YES! I had finally figured out a name that could annoy him. I grinned as I jogged to catch up with the rest of the group.

Lucifer had also picked up the pace to help Kane carry Steve. Now that I thought about it, Lucifer could probably carry Steve on his own, but Kane probably wanted to keep his pride without having too much help.

“Nice one on the robin hood thing” Leon laughed when I’d caught up with him. I grinned mischievously at me.

“Definitely seemed to hit a nerve there with Kane, didn’t i? Well, it serves him right for calling me princess.”

Leon and I laughed loudly but had to conceal it after earning a glare from Kane. We continued to snigger under our breath.

It was a long walk before we got back to the hospital. Lucifer explained to the doctors that a tree had fallen onto Steve’s car, and that he had been knocked unconscious. He then said he’d realised he’d left something in the car and left to retrieve it. Little did they know he was actually going to snap a tree from its roots and lay it across the car. We still didn’t think that the rest of the world was ready for the thought of monsters wondering the earth.

He returned after ten minutes. Steve still hadn’t woken up. He was under observation. Lucifer explained that he thought it would be best if we carried on without him. Steve was a close friend of Lucifer’s so he wanted to stay a while longer and make sure he was ok.

Travelling to meet Kane’s colleague. Without Lucifer to keep an eye on us. Huh. This should be funny…

“I know what you’re thinking…but no.” I laughed nervously as Lucifer whispered in my ear.

“What do… you mean?” I said cautiously.

“You know perfectly what I mean young lady I don’t want you and Kane to tear each other apart before you even defeat the Lord of the Dead.”

I rolled my eyes at Lucifer after he’d turned away.

“What’s up with you princess?” asked Kane.

“None if your business Robin.” He glared at me. I simply grinned back at him. Happy to know I was annoying him. I wasn’t going to let the fact that he called me princess annoy me.

“What’ve you got to be so smug ‘bout?” Leon asked as he watched Kane storm off into Steve’s room. Steve’s room had a window. And it was raining. Kane seemed to like watching the rain fall. No surprise there then. He seemed to like anything depressing. To match his attitude, I guess.  

I sighed deeply. I didn’t really fancy the long walk to train station. In the rain. Graaahhh. I hated the rain. It sucked as much as Kane did. Rainy Kaney. Oh god, I really needed to do something.

“Where are you going?” demanded Leon.

“I’m going on the quest to find the nearest vending machine. I need the mystical powers if this thing supposedly called…sugar.”

“Bring me back a 7-up?”

“Get you own,” I called back over my shoulder. “I’m on my own quest for tooth rotting, fizzy goodness.”

Leon chuckled behind me. “You think I’m joking.” I laughed as Leon came running up behind me.

“Are you really that heartless?” replied Leon, dramatically putting his hand over his heart.

“Ah ha, ha.” I said sarcastically as I barged through a big set of double doors.

It was another 3 doors before we reached a vending machine. I unscrewed the top of a Diet Coke bottle and sipped the sweet bubbly goodness. I opened my once closed eyes as I heard Leon’s drink clank to the bottom of the machine, and watched him as he leant down to retrieve it.

Zen decided to poke his nose out of my bag and have a sniff. He growled at me grumpily. “We’re not going yet. Your not the one who has to walk in the rain.” I muttered as we trailed our way back to where Lucifer was watching over Steve.

I entered Steve’s room slowly. I looked to where Lucifer was sitting near to Steve’s bed. He didn’t turn around when we came into the room. He still didn’t turn to look at us when he handed us each an umbrella. His shoulders shook as he tried to stifle a sob.

I sighed sympathetically and put my hand on his shaking shoulder. It broke my heart to see him like this. I know he didn’t want us to watch his cry so we crept out and shut the door quietly behind us.

“Ready to go?” asked Kane. Leon and me jumped at the same time. Where had he come from? He seemed to have a habit of coming out of nowhere.

As if reading my thoughts Leon blurted out “Where the hell did you come from?”

Kane grunted “I thought you were Guardians,” I opened my mouth to protest but before I could Kane carried on “I thought you had to be ready for anything.”

I simply rolled my eyes at him and made my way towards the doors of the hospital exit. 

The End

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