Chapter EightMature


Damn it, these Lost Soul attacks were becoming more and more frequent. But where was it?

There, crouching next to a tree. It seemed to have a manic grin plastered on its twisted, deformed face. His skin was white and seemed to be too tight for his own skeleton. It pulled tight around his eyes as he continued to grin, obviously pleased with the destruction he had caused. Kane kicked the doors open and leapt out. Me, Leon and Lucifer weren’t far behind. Zen jumped out of the car after us and shifted forms.

His back was now at my waist height. He shifted his weight from paw to paw, a deep growl echoing through the breeze, waiting for the right moment to attack. His left ear was constantly facing the Lost Soul  in front of us, while the right one was flicking around, listening out for other Lost Soul s.

Suddenly, the Lost Soul s grin and violet eyes widened more than humanly possible, although, then again, it wasn’t human. Not anymore. He dug his claws (he didn’t seem to have fingers) and gouged out great chunks of wood and bark. Splinters flew out into the field behind him.

It let out a blood chilling scream and charged straight at us, on long, slim gangly legs. Its skin was wrapped tightly around it rib cage so you could see each bone. It looked as if he hadn’t eaten in months.

Lucifer looked at Kane. “Kane! Go with Steve! Run to cover, NOW!” He barked. Kane nodded and sped off towards the crushed car.

I turned my attention back to the Lost Soul . It continued to run. It’s arms wind milling wildly, showing no signs of slowing down.

Zen pounded the uneven ground with his huge paws. He let out a deep roar as he sprung into the air. He landed heavily on top of him. Zen held the Lost Soul  in place as it spat, howled and writhed beneath him. Trying to break free from Zen’s grip.

Leon was in front of me closing in on the Lost Soul . Zen took a deep bite of its arm and ripped it clean out of its socket. The Lost Soul  screamed in anguish and pain. He continued to twist and wriggle though. Zen spat out the black blood from his mouth as he rolled off the Lost Soul .

The ground surrounding the Lost Soul  was now being stained a dark charcoal grey as it mixed with the dust and dry soil. It slipped around on its bony feet as it tried to get a grip on the bloody ground, clutching its stump.  

Leon wrenched a tall oak tree out of it place and flung it at the Lost Soul . Moving his arms as if he was holding the tree. It made it easier for him to move things. Or so he said. I think it was just for show.

Lucifer had ripped a smaller oak and was dragging it along behind him. A burning fire in his eyes. I knew that this was just Lucifer’s battle state, and it was nothing to worry about. And you definitely didn’t want to mess with him like this. Luckily though, he could control himself and wouldn’t hurt anything but the enemy.

Kane roared from behind us “Lookout!” He had Steve slung over his left shoulder, Steve’s head hanging limp on his long neck.

There was another Lost Soul  advancing on us from the right. It snarled furiously at us for being seen.

I grinned at Zen, “How stupid, did it really think it could sneak up on us?”

Zen bared his teeth, making it look as if he was smiling in agreement. I knew what he was thinking, before I could say anything Zen was off like a bullet. Rocketing towards the newcomer.

“Hey, Skylah, wait for me!” called Leon from behind us, I’d already taken off after Zen, “Don’t worry about us, we got it!” I barked back at him.

The Lost Soul  that was now inches ahead of us looked like he didn’t know whether to stand and fight or run for its life. Running was probably the best Idea. It only looked like he had been called back to this world recently; I could see the fear in his eyes. That showed signs of humanity buried deep within him.

It looked as if he still had some sense in that corrupted mind of his. He turned and ran. Running straight towards the forest.

But then he did something I didn’t think that a Lost Soul  could ever do. It spoke. It was a strangled high pitched voice, but nonetheless, it spoke recognisable words. Not just mindless babble.

“P-please f-follow! But d-don’t kill me…yet! I know i-information! You m-must know!” it gasped. Zen’s pace slowed as he waited for me to catch up. He looked at me with deep, black, shining eyes. As if asking me without words of what he should do now.

“Follow him. We’ll hear what he has to say, I’ve never heard one speak before.” I gasped as I ran beside him.

We darted through the trees until we came to a clearing in the woods.

“You, Skylah?” it asked as it pointed to me.

“Yes. I warn you, any funny business and its-” I gestured my hand in a cut throat motion. Zen growled at my side, I laid my hand on his head to hush him. He didn’t look like a threat; he still looked human, apart from his golden eyes. And his lilac aura.

He shook his head violently from side to side. “No, no, no, no, no, no. I brought into world for evil, but I no do it. I no want to kill humans.” I frowned at him and nodded at him to continue. “The one that brought me here, he evil. He work to get the Lord of the Dead back. I break free and look to you, you must stop the betray-” his eyes rolled back into his skull and slowly his aura faded into nothingness. There was a long slender blade tipped with blood.

The figure behind him ripped his samurai blade from the Lost Souls chest, and wiped his blade clean on a white handkerchief. He then replaced it in his jacket pocket and looked across where Zen and I were standing, ready to fight.  “Poor Lost Soul, he didn’t know what he was talking about.” 

The End

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