Chapter FourMature

Damn! Why was I such an Idiot! I rushed out into the hallway. I couldn’t believed I hadn’t realised he’d gone and all I’d done was talk.

I looked up and down the hallway. There was no one in sight. No Zen. Oh, why was I such an idiot?  I shut my eyes tightly. I heard two pairs of footsteps follow me out into the hallway. Probably Lucifer and Leon. Kane was probably still leaning against that wall with that smug look on his face.

I reached out with my mind to try to find Zen. He was close. Alive. But I couldn’t pinpoint his position. Luckily, there was a deep muffled growl from down the hall. I heard somebody curse under their breath. Then I felt a sudden sharp pain against my right temple. I gasped in pain and clutched my head. I fell to my knees. I felt a strong hand rest on my shoulder.

“Skylah? Are you ok? What’s wrong?” asked Lucifer.

“Its Zen, he’s in trouble.” I replied when I had got my breathing under control. “We need to get to him now. I can’t let anything else happen to him. A blow like that could really hurt him. He’s not in his fighting form.” I cried frantically.  

Leon and Lucifer stared at me as if it was too much to process. “He could die with another blow to the head like that!” I cried. I staggered to feet and had to get support on the wall. Leon grabbed my shoulder to help support me. I didn’t feel like pushing him away. I rested my shoulder against his firm chest. He helped me down towards the open door from where the growl and the curse had come from as fast as we could. Lucifer padded behind us. His polished shoes making no sound as they sank into the plush thick carpet.

Leon placed his hand firmly onto the centre of my chest and mouthed stay here. I doubt the person inside heard us out side. Lucifer was behind me in seconds, his strong arm around my shoulders. Leon pushed the door open and shut it quietly behind him.

I looked at Lucifer. Into his brown eyes. We couldn’t hear anything going on inside. That could either be a very good sign, or a very bad sign. The silence seemed to make the whispers and thoughts going around in my head seem louder. Questions like was he ok? What is going on in there? Was she still alive? And, more importantly, was it a Lost Soul ? It probably was. I had to get in there.

I broke free of Lucifer’s grip on my shoulder. Before Lucifer could grab me again I burst into the room. I couldn’t believe my eyes, my throat went tight, and not just because the woman in the room had her slender fingers wrapped around Zen’s throat.

Leon was slumped up against a wall, not moving. He looked unconscious. He was still breathing. There was as a bedside cabinet lying on its side next to the window. I looked back towards where Leon lay slumped; his D.Dagger lay next to him on the floor. Well that explained why we hadn’t heard of this.

Lucifer ran in behind me just as I fell to my knees. The woman’s grip had tightened on Zen’s windpipe. I couldn’t breath. I clawed at my neck, but to no avail. And all Zen could do was claw at the woman’s hand. He was getting as much success as I was. The woman didn’t even seem to notice. He couldn’t even change form.

I felt Lucifer’s hand on my back. I gestured to my throat and shook my head viciously.  That just made my light headedness worse.

Kane ran in behind us. He was straight in and grabbed a black bow from behind him, concealed beneath his jacket. He then reached behind him again and retrieved a matching black arrow tipped with silver. He aimed and fired straight at the woman’s arm. Her shark like grin disappeared as she let out a blood curdling scream. Her grip on Zen’s throat loosened and he fell to the floor with a soft thud and he ran into my lap.

I knew he would have to wait awhile before he was ready to fight. The woman clutched her arm at the shoulder. Black blood was pouring out of the wound. Her fair hair was turning black, from root to the tip.  Her pupils became long slim slits, reptile eyes. Her skin tainted grey and had a scaly look to it. Her shark like grin returned as long, sharp fangs grew down over her lips. Her arms grew long and slender, like whips.

Kane was getting ready to shoot another arrow at the Lost Soul. Before he could, the Lost Soul cracked her whip arm and whipped it across Kane’s cheek. He didn’t even wince. I stared in horror as the deep wound on his cheek smoked and disappeared. Ok, I have absolutely no idea what the hell Kane was! Leon stirred and staggered to his feet, using the wall for support. His features darkened with hate and his eyes were fixed on the Lost Soul  The black blood continued to pour out of the wound on its arm. There was no visible wound on Leon’s body but he was wincing through his hate.

Another silver tipped arrow flew through the air into the Lost Soul s stomach. As the Lost Soul  staggered backwards towards the window, Leon leapt at it and plunged his D. Dagger into its heart. The Lost Soul  let out another scream. And fell backwards out of the window. Just as she started to fall, she disintegrated into a gust of plume black dust.

Leon rushed to my side and slipped his Dagger back into sheath before looping his arm around my waist. Lucifer rushed back into the room we’d just come from. He bustled back into the room holding several bottles of water. He gave one to me, that I then gulped down gratefully. Half the water was gone in matter of seconds. I tipped the bottle at an angle so that Zen could poke his tongue in and lap the water. Leon gulped the water down. Lucifer then walked over to where Kane was retrieving his arrows that lay on the floor, and offered him a bottle of water. Kane ignored it.

Zen collapsed onto the floor next to me. I laid my hand onto the back of his neck. He made a low grumbling noise from his throat. He was ok, just worn out and his throat was still red raw from being crushed. I literally knew how he felt.  

“He shouldn’t have been so weak.” Kane said, frowning. “He should have been able to transform no matter what.”

I glared at him angrily, “What do you know huh? Nothing, you know nothing!” I shouted “You don’t have to fight with a creature! You can control your own weapon. Well, I can’t exactly do that can I? I’d like to see you fire one of your almighty arrows while every last breath is being is being forced out of your lungs.”

Kane remained still, his fists clenching on his arrows. I opened my mouth to shout at him again, but Lucifer laid a hand on my shoulder.

“That’s enough Skylah.” Lucifer muttered in my ear. I gritted my teeth to stop myself from saying anything more. Tears of anger filled my eyes and blurred my vision.  

Leon was still breathing heavily. I pulled myself out of Lucifer’s grasp. I scooped Zen up off the floor and stormed back to the room.

“Thirsty?” I asked Zen. I didn’t wait for a reply. I placed him onto the chair and then stomped over to where the cabinet that contained the saucers and cups sat.

I wanted to scream. I wanted to cry. I never wanted to see Kane again. I put my hand over my right eye, where the scar lay on the side of my face. The room still hadn’t stopped spinning.

There was a light thud as Zen collapsed and fell of the chair. I tried to call out his name, I could move my lips but no words came out. I couldn’t see anything. My vision was too blurred. I felt like I was going to be sick.  I reached out and tried to walk forward but my legs faltered. And I fell to the floor.

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. What I thought had been a bug that had got into the hotel and bit me on the neck. It was while the Lost Soul  had had a hold of Zen. I hadn’t realised at fist but when I looked up at Zen I could just make out a small red spot on his neck. Poking out from beneath his fur. Although Zen would have felt it, it wouldn’t have done this. A Lost Soul  that would have bit him on the other hand… That must be it! Damn Lost Soul . What had it done to us?

I tried to call out for help, but my words failed me again. I shut my eyes. I felt like all the energy in my body had been drained. All I could do is lie there and listen to the rain. Waiting, hoping that someone will find me soon.

Nothing but the patter-patter-patter of the rain outside as I fell deeper and deeper into the darkness… 

The End

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